5 Fun Back to School Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

 Even if you already started your back to school supplies shopping, you’ll want to make room on your list for these 5 awesome extras! Your child will love them!

You may have started your shopping already, but you might want to save a little room in your budget for these super cute back to school supplies you didn’t know you needed. They kind of make me wish I was still in school myself!   I like to browse online, I always seem to find cooler stuff than is in the stores, and I usually end up saving money too.  You need to do back to school shopping anyway, right?  Why not add these extras to your list and really start the year off right for your child?

Fun Back to School Supplies

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Emoji Drawstring Backpack


This is definitely a must-have for back to school!  You know your child will need a drawstring backpack to carry gym clothes or an extra pair of shoes in, so why not this one?  It depicts how we all feel about the days of the week using emojis!  You might even get one for yourself!  Check it out on Amazon

Must have book


Do you remember getting first day jitters?  I know I did, for a long time.  It didn’t matter how old I was, the first day of school always brought on a little anxiety.  This is a great book for your little ones who are heading to school this year.  I might even get it to read with my daughter, she is starting second grade in a new school.  Check out First Day Jitters on Amazon. 

Keep focus


If your child is anything like mine, she is always fidgeting in her seat.  I know how she feels, I used to do it too!  I often find myself shaking my leg when I am sitting.  These small fidget toys are designed to be quiet and non-disruptive so your child can focus on learning and being successful in school.  Toys like this have been known to help children with ADD and ADHD.  I might be purchasing some from Amazon myself!

Pencil cases


These are super cute from Amazon!  At first, I thought there was only a few and I liked those, but when you click the link you can see all the other designs available.  Everyone needs pencil cases, and who wants a clunky hard plastic one (unless of course it is required, like it was for my daughter last year).  I have these on my wish list to order, you should check them out!

Shopkins pencils


Everyone needs pencils. right?  Why not write in style, Shopkin style!  They are the hottest little toys right now, and you know your little one is going to want to have hers in school to make doing school work more fun.  I found them on Amazon super cheap!  

I love shopping for back to school supplies, you would think I was still going to school!  Of course, there are the basics you need, folders and paper and such, but don’t forget about the fun things that make going back to school more enjoyable!  

Have you found any fun back to school supplies you didn’t know you needed?  Share them with us in the comment section below!

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