Press Page

Thank you for your interest in OurFamilyWorld! Over the years, we’ve been featured by numerous other sites! We’ve also  had the honor of working with some fabulous brands through extended ambassadorships as well as both multiple-post and single-post campaigns. Take a look at a few of the places we’ve been featured, then read on to see some of our best work!

Where You’ve Seen Us

Numerous sites and bloggers have featured OurFamilyWorld’s recipes, tips and crafts. Find us at:


Extended Ambassadorship Programs

TruMoo Ambassador

We worked with TruMoo to share recipes, crafts and activities for families around monthly themes, while naturally weaving in TruMoo’s flavors of the month. Examples include:

Tired of being snowed in and stuck inside? Check out these fun ways to cure cabin fever, plus make a yummy TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow latte recipe!

Dollar General Ambassador

Worked with Dollar General on monthly themes that showcased the versatility of the store through crafts, activities and other lifestyle posts. Examples include:

New Year’s Eve Family Time Capsule Craft

Blue Dragon Ambassador

Monthly recipes highlighting Blue Dragon sauces and mixes.

These BBQ hacks will help you make my juicy grilled chicken breast recipe taste even more amazing than ever, especially when you use Hoisin Sauce!

Patak’s Canada Ambassador

Monthly thematic recipes highlighting Patak’s ingredients.


Ready to spice up your salad? Try this amazing Chopped Tandoori Chicken Salad recipe for a spicy taste of India that your whole family will enjoy!

Multiple Post Campaigns

For those times when you need more than one post to tell your brand’s story, but aren’t ready to commit to a full year-long ambassadorship! A few of our multi-post campaign clients include: