Things You Should Never Buy With A Credit Card

Let's talk money tips! Did you know there are certain things you should NEVER buy with credit cards? Find out exactly what they are and save money today!

Today we’re sharing money tips about things you should never buy with a credit card. Credit cards can be great in a time of need or an emergency.  They can also be the worst possible way to pay for something.  If you have a credit card, try to only use it on purchases that you can pay off right away when the bill comes in.  Things such as gas in the car, or something you might need right away like new tires.  I have compiled a starter list of money tips with things you should never use your credit card for.

Money Tips: Things You Should Never Buy with Credit 

Medical bills: It might seem easier to just pay the bill and worry about the credit card payment later, but the reality is you will end up paying more because of finance charges.  Call doctor’s office or hospital and work with them on a reasonable payment plan.  They typically won’t charge you interest fees as long as you are paying. Read our tips on how to save money on health costs

Wedding: Although it would be easiest to just charge whatever it is you want for your big day, avoid paying for anything with your credit card.  It is possible to plan the wedding you want within your means and not use credit.  You may not be able to say ‘I Do’ at the castle you have dreamed of since you were a little girl, but it won’t change the celebration of the two of you.  Do you really want to enter into your new life together with a mountain of debt? 

College tuition: Instead of paying your tuition (or your child’s tuition) with plastic, apply for student loans and grants.  There are so many out there for every qualification.  Paying with a credit card is only going to give you a higher interest rate and payments are due immediately.  Student loan payments are often not due to start until you are out of school.  They also have deferment options as well should you come across some hard financial times.  A credit card is non-forgiving in times of financial trouble. 

Credit cards: Paying off one credit card by using another might sound like a good idea, but don’t do it.  With interest rates and finance fees you are just digging yourself into a  hole that can be really hard to get out of.  Instead, one of the best money tips is focusing on paying off one card at a time.  Pay more than the minimum on one card, and pay the minimum on the others.  Once the one is paid off, move on to the next. 

If you have already made some of these purchases with your credit card, it’s not the end of the world.  Simply write out a budget for yourself and work on paying off the card.  In reality, whenever you use a credit card for something, you always end up paying more than what the item was worth.

Have you used your credit card for something you thought you shouldn’t have?  Share with us below what you used it for, how you got out of it and what you learned! We always want to hear your great money tips!

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17 thoughts on “Things You Should Never Buy With A Credit Card”

  1. I charge everything I buy so that I can earn cash back for my purchases. But, I am also make sure to pay the credit card bill in full each month so I avoid interest. I agree that if the bill cannot be paid in full, do not put it on a credit card!!

  2. Guilty as charged and now I am trying to pay down all my debt and it isn’t easy!! I now try to use my debit card or cash to pay for small everyday items!

  3. I love these tips. I remember hearing about someone who paid towards his condo across a few different credit cards. He did have the cash, but wanted the reward points. However, I find people use credit cards for everything and don’t realize how much they are actually spending because of interest.

  4. These are great tips! The hubs and I had credit cards when we were younger and screwed ourselves up. We do not use them anymore but hubs has wanted another one for “emergencies” but I’m afraid it will be an easy go-to!

  5. Credit card debt is an awful thing to get control of once its’ out of hand. Absolutely great advise!

  6. These are great tips indeed. There is a lot of hidden fees some times when paying with credit cards. It is always good to beware of the fees. Thanks for sharing.

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