Save on Big Purchases by Earning Credit with Amazon Trade-In!

Earn Credit With Amazon Trade In

Do you have old phones, tablets, game systems or even textbooks laying around the house collecting dust?  Now is the time to take advantage and Earn Credit With Amazon Trade In Program!  Not only can you send in items in good shape that you no longer use, but you can earn credit to make upgrades to your electronics and other trade in items.  We have compiled a few facts for you about this great trade-in program that is sure to help you jump start your holiday shopping budget!


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What Can I Trade In?

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Textbooks
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Cameras
  • Speakers
  • Blu-Ray Players
  • Video Games
  • Music
  • Movies and more!

You Can Ship Everything In One Box with FREE Shipping!

Not only can you put a few movies, and old phone and even school textbooks into one box, you don’t even have to pay shipping to send it to Amazon.  They pay shipping for you!

Why Trade In Now? 

Right now you can earn from trade in’s with a great special 45-day lock-in period (9/9-10/10) on specific hot phone trade ins!  If you are planning on upgrading to the latest iPhone releasing this week – this is perfect for you! You can earn up to the prices listed below during this special event!

Apple iPhone5s 64 GB AT&T – $400

Apple iPhone 5 64 GB Verizon – $365.55

Don’t hesitate to trade in old items just in time for the holidays!  Not only can you quickly and easily upgrade your current phone to a new system, you could trade in items like old iPods, Speakers and movies or games to earn gift cards for your upcoming holiday purchases!  This is almost like having a yard sale or consigning without the work!  Make sure to check out all the products you can trade in and their current values under the Amazon Trade In Program Rules.

Are you ready to earn credit With Amazon Trade In? What would you trade in?

13 thoughts on “Save on Big Purchases by Earning Credit with Amazon Trade-In!”

  1. The Amazon Trade In Program is nice. People need to see what they can get immediately for trade in vs. how much they can make profit-wise selling it on Amazon between the cost of shipping and fees that Amazon takes out when you list an item for sale.

  2. Thanks for the tip. My husband and I just got new phones. I looked up mine, it’s only worth around $2! (I haven’t upgraded in years!) But my husband’s is closer to $20!

  3. I love Amazon trade in. I used it for my textbooks and it’s great. Maybe I can convince my husband to trade in some of his video games 😉

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