Book Review: Earn It, Learn It

Earn My Keep

Earn It, Learn It by Alisa T. Weinstein founder of Earn My Keep, LLC

This is not your traditional allowance system

No matter what your position is regarding household chores and allowance, you can use this system to teach your children the value of working for your money. This program sets up a way for children to ‘work’ to buy things. This program is not based on household chores. Children explore careers and complete tasks by a deadline for a ‘paycheck’. It is a flexible system that allows you to choose careers, tasks, wage, and paydays according to what fits your children and family.

Choose a career!

There are 49 careers outlined in the book, and directions on creating your own career. It is suggested that you have your child start with the career path of you or your husband. You can also choose careers that coincide with what your child is learning in school. Careers can also be repeated since there are lots of activities available under each career.

What to do and by when…

Each career lists multiple activities that you can assign your child to complete by payday. You may want to choose payday to coincide with your own payday. Activities are coded as to the type of learning they encourage: Art, literature, history, math, etc. There are also icons that indicate which tasks can be made more challenging for older kids.


This is the perfect opportunity to teach your child about saving and tithing. You can set up a system where a certain percentage of your child’s earnings are placed in savings and or tithed to the church or charity as fits your family’s belief system. Then the rest of the money is for your child to spend as they see fit. You may find that baby doll you daughter was going to die without is now not so necessary if she pays for it herself. That is how the system works. Of course, you may also find that they blow it all on candy and then have to wait for next payday to be able to have any extra spending money.

Realistic System

I love the system in this book. It is geared towards children ages 4-12. My children are too old. I had to tell them that they don’t always get what they want and when they want. I wish I had this system to teach the the true difference between wants and needs. I think that this book outlines an excellent way to teach your child the value of money, work, and time well spent.


This is a great book to read and use in your day to day life!! It teaches key money concepts to children. It is very useful. The author did a lot of research. I highly recommend this book. You can buy this great book on Amazonor any bookstore!! 
About the reviewer

I am Janelle. I am currently a SAHM of my two daughters, ages 12 and 16. I also have a step son, age 17. My step daughter is 20 and is away at college but still comes home to raid our refrigerator on occasion. I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and also am currently studying for my cosmetology license. I believe that the most important thing any mother or father can do is be active in their child(ren)’s life.