5 Board Games That Teach Kids About Money So They Win At Life

Using board games that teach kids about money is a fun way to build important life skills. See our favourite games to play now!

Board games that teach kids about money are a fun way to teach your kid an important life skill. Everyone needs to know how to buy and sell, make change, and manage their money. Learning how to manage money does not come easily to most people, most people need to be taught. By playing some board games about money, you can start the conversations for how to handle and manage money in a fun way. Here are some of my favorite picks for this important life skill.

Board Games to Teach Kids About Money

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Monopoly is a classic for a reason folks. Learn the basics of managing your change until payday, what happens when you mortgage properties and how to do basic tax. (That luxury tax used to get me every time!) set aside a full afternoon for Monopoly, but it’s a game everyone should play with their kids at some point.

Clumsy Thief


Clumsy Thief is a card game has you adding small sums of money trying to make stacks of $100. This is a fast-paced card game that will practice adding skills for small amounts of money. This game also works well with younger children who are just learning to add if you slow down the game a bit, but the faced paced speed of this card game means it leans towards being the most fun for 8-12-year-olds.

The Allowance Game


Want to keep things on a super relatable level? The Allowance Game is the perfect way to start teaching your kids about money. As you race around the board you will earn money for landing on chore spaces such as “mowing the grass and can also lose money or buy items with their money. This game brings things down a level to help understand basic money transactions.

The Game Of Life


Another classic board game, The Game Of Life is an overall great game. Move your car around the board eventually collecting a spouse and possibly children. This game is a great eye-opener for kids to help teach them about planning for the future financially. Great conversations about money management can come up during this game!



Looking for a board game that teaches a little more about personal finance? Payday is your game. This game board revolves around a monthly paycheck. Players must pay monthly bills, save for the future, figure out what to do with financial windfalls and unexpected expenses. This game is quite a bit like real life, in a board game!

Do you know of any other good board games that teach kids about money? Tell us about your favorites in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “5 Board Games That Teach Kids About Money So They Win At Life”

  1. Christina Aliperti

    After all these years, Monopoly is still my favorite. We play it together as a family. We don’t have Life right now, but I will be buying it soon.

  2. Monopoly is my favorite board game. Speaking of which, I miss playing this with the kids. It’s definitely a good tool for learning about money especially when it comes to earning and budgeting!

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    We love the game of life. We have a Haunted Mansion version of it from Disney and we play all the time.

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