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It’s officially travel season! The kids are out of school, the days are getting longer and the weather is heating up. Time to gather the family together and hit the road! Planning your dream vacation can seem daunting, especially when you have to consider all the luggage, travel plans and itinerary, but the payoff is definitely worth it! I remember last year when we were planning our 6,000 KM (that’s about 3,728 miles for our US readers!) road trip to Florida and back, there was just so much to think about! Between planning the drive to deciding which places we wanted to see to figuring out how to accommodate two kids of different ages at Disney, it seems like the planning took longer than the trip!

Check out these great tips to help you plan your next dream vacation.

One thing that is a must is having a good, solid yet flexible plan. I know that seems like a contradiction in terms but some aspects of your dream vacation should be set in stone. The flexible part comes when planning your itinerary. While it’s a good idea to know which places you’d most like to visit, setting them in stone becomes an issue if a major storm hits on the day you were planning to go scuba diving!

Travel Insurance is a Must for Dream Vacation Planning

Travel insurance is one of those things that should be set in stone. I do not recommend traveling without it! So many thing can potentially go wrong on a dream vacation. Someone could get sick. A disaster could occur requiring emergency evacuation. Your bags and all your belongings could accidentally get dumped out of the plane and into the ocean! Okay, so that last one is unlikely, but your bags could still get lost.  Hopefully none of these things will happen, but still, knowing that something could happen at any time can really put a damper on enjoying your dream vacation!  Having insurance gives you the peace of mind to just enjoy your trip and not worry about how to deal with it if the worst case scenario does happen. Insurance Hunter is a great resource for finding the best deals on travel insurance.

Insurance Hunter recently wrote a fantastic article with more practical tips for planning your dream vacation. Check out their site for great tips as well as fantastic deals on travel insurance.

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13 thoughts on “Tips for Planning Your Dream Vacation from Insurance Hunter”

  1. We took a car trip to Florida a few years ago, which resulted in a trip to an ER in Georgia. Very important information here!

  2. It never occurred to me how very important travel insurance really is. I will definitely been looking into making sure this is taken care of before I travel again. Thanks so much for the eye opener!

  3. I always hover over the travel insurance button. And normally don’t buy it mostly because I love to gamble. Ok, I’m kidding about that one. If I travel with the kids I always think I should get it but ultimately it would add too much. I’ll look into this for our next trip- if we ever take one!

  4. I have never really thought about travel insurance. There are so many things that a person has to spend money one when traveling, I guess insurance is just another thing to think about. Myself.. I see no point and most likely will never buy it.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I learned the need for travel insurance when my son developed a fear of flying at the airport. We lost 2 trips. He is fine now, but I will always wonder when this might come back, so I usually opt for the insurance (when I remember!).

  6. We purchase travel insurance to cover us in case there’s an emergency right before we’re supposed to leave. It would be awful to spend thousands on a vacation and lose it all!

  7. I’m iffy on it. I think travel insurance is important because if you break a leg or anything – that would cost so much out of Canada.

    When I was in Hawaii I had to go to the hospital. They wouldn’t test me for anything because I have a thyroid condition and they told me that if anything was linked back to my thyroid – I wasn’t going to be covered.

    It was really a piss off.

  8. I never thought much about traveling insurance. Although it makes complete sense. The last thing you want is your dream vacation ending in tragedy because something bad happened and you weren’t covered.

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