Spring Break Travel Destinations for Families

Spring break is on its way! This means fun time for the families. There are some leading spring break travel destinations that you can head for during the holiday for a memorable time with your family.


Spring break travel isn’t just for college students. More families are taking advantage of the time off to get away from their routine daily lives. The great thing about spring break travel versus other holiday travel time is that spring break varies so much. Some students have off around Easter, while others in the middle of March. This means that you can usually get better deals than you can during the other holidays. It also means your destinations aren’t quite so crowded. Plus, many spots advertise perk-inclusive packages at discounted rates to woo the families.

Great Spring Break Travel Destination Picks for Families

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, NC Photo Credit: Flickr

Asheville is a funky small city with warm weather and an array of wildflowers. The family can explore a myriad of opportunities here including fun tours,  gorgeous landscapes, a farm, and even a winery for grownup time.  Kids can ride on horseback or their bike or even go fly-fishing and enjoy steam engine rides. There are numerous other outdoor activities too, like hiking, rock climbing, and so on. Asheville is full of restaurants, shops and galleries. If you’re there during the first week of the month, head to the Asheville Art Museum on Wednesday. It’s free the first Wednesday of each month from 3-5 pm.

Key Largo

Florida is one of the top spring break travel destinations in America and has a lot to offer families. You can simply soak in the warm sunshine or explore the major attractions around. There are tons of beach activities here. Walk to Key Largo restaurants at night and take advantage of offers like kayaks, canoes, paddle-boat, etc. The Cottages are very affordable here and can start at as low as $100 for a room.

Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands- both the US and British- are a great choice for families looking for a quiet Caribbean reprieve. This is a perfect getaway, with a collection of several dozen islands and is ideal for water loving kids. You can simply watch them play in water or arrange for Snorkel, dive and sailing trips. This is the right way to get a true sense of Caribbean life at the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands is an amazing place to shop too! You can literally pick up bags of goodies on a small budget, from t-shirts around $2 each to jewelry at half the price of US jewelers.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort spreads across 71 private acres and is just 2 hours from Disney World. It is an amazing place to be at  during the spring break. Families with small kids will love the Caribbean-style all inclusive resort offering some splendid kids programs. They can learn tennis, inline skating, trapeze and participate in other water sports.

Smugglers Notch, Vermont

Smugglers Notch, Vermont. Photo Source: Flickr

Kids are going to love being at Smugglers Notch and won’t mind being a student again, learning how to snowboard. They will get all the help they need with the learning curve and can hone their skills as country skiers. The participants here are certain to learn and improve their skills under the expert guidance of the Snow Sport University staff. There are loads of other fun activities for the kids like ice-skating, dog-sledding, indoor pools, art classes, etc. to keep them busy the whole day long.

Stop wondering to for your spring break travel destination for families!  Just pick up any of the above listed fun and fabulous destinations and get ready for a family-friendly spring break that will not break your bank!

Where are your favorite spring break travel travel destinations?

27 thoughts on “Spring Break Travel Destinations for Families”

  1. I like to stick more local for sping break, but something like Vermont would be ideal. However, this year they probably had just as much snow or more than we did. I would love to visit in the summer!

  2. One of my fave spring break travel destinations is Florida, however after reading the review Vemont would be a great destination for something different.

  3. I’ve never gone away for Spring Break! I wish we could take a vacation for March Break but unfortunately it isn’t in our budget this year. Maybe the next year!

  4. These are all beautiful spots! We live on Vancouver Island, in Victoria and we are taking our grandkids up to Parksville BC for a few days. It has the most beautiful beach!

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