Greenest Hotels in the United States: Plan Your Eco-Friendly Vacation

You’ll come across all kinds of hotels while on a trip or vacation. From budget hotels to luxury hotels, small inns to motels. My personal favorites are green hotels. These hotels go the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the environment.


Green hotels are the rage among tourists and travelers looking for ways to make their vacation more environmentaly-friendly. Ecologists and environmental consultants have evaluated the ethical standards of the best luxury hotels. Based on that information, I am going to discuss about three of the greenest hotels across the US.

Spend your vacation at one of the greenest hotels in the US

Proximity hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina

This is one of the top choices when it comes to the greenest hotels. The hotel uses  geothermal energy and 60 % of the hot water you enjoy inside the Proximity hotel gets heated from the sun. Even when the hotel was being built, 87 % of its construction waste was recycled. Stay at this wonderful Green hotel and enjoy a five-mile public biking and jogging path.

Seaport Boston Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts

I feel that you will simply love Seaport Boston Hotel. There is no traffic congestion on city roads and it is very convenient to access. Enjoy free electric water-taxi service from the Hotel into downtown Boston. You will be amazed to learn about an on-site bee colony on the fifth-floor roof that provides honey that is used in dishes and drinks in the restaurant of the hotel.

The Venetian, The Palazzo & The Sands in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for one of the largest greenest hotels in the world, then I strongly recommend The Venetian, The Palazzo and the Sands Exposition in Las Vegas. The irrigation water for plants comes from the nano filtration system that changes the waste-water. The compost or animal feed at a local farm gets made from 75 % of food waste. There is parking available for hybrid vehicles.

Focusing on recycling, waste management, food scraps, etc. and how to control wastage and come up with ways of conserving has set the platform right for emergence of green hotels on the horizon. With the technology getting much better now, one can do a lot more now, even within our limitations. This is the reason why the green hotels are gaining popularity worldwide and are improving their operational efficiency with green methods. Enjoy all those luxuries and those special toiletries with plenty of hot water and all while being green and without burdening the nature and environment.

Have you ever stayed at any of the greenest hotels in the US? Do you have another favorite green hotel to tell us about? Leave us a comment!

13 thoughts on “Greenest Hotels in the United States: Plan Your Eco-Friendly Vacation”

  1. This is awesome. I love that more and more companies are really thinking about what the long term affects of dealing with our waste will be for years to come. Its important that companies are on board with what people want, because they kinda control it all. I’d love to stay at a green hotel! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I had never even thought to look into “green” hotels, TBH, but I will when planning my next vacation to Vancouver.

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