What to Consider Before Booking Your Family Vacation Package

Planning a trip to escape the cold? Check out the top things to consider when comparing family vacation packages. These tips save time and money!

Planning a family vacation can be work!  You might need a vacation from planning your vacation.  Luckily there are lots of websites available now to help you find the best family vacation packages.  Keep in mind, the best deal does not mean the cheapest.  When comparing family vacation packages, compare what you are getting for your money.  Below are some things to think about when planning your next family vacation.

What to consider when comparing family vacation packages

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Type of vacation: First, you must decide what type of vacation you want to take your family on.  Are you flying or driving?  Are you going to a resort with lots of amenities where you won’t have to venture much outside the resort walls or are you traveling close to attractions where you are looking for package deals with amusement parks?  Resorts have all inclusive deals with include food.  The second option may force you to eat out (can get pretty pricey!), or if you book a room with a kitchenette, cook your own food (also a good option!) Weigh out the best option for your family and budget.

Price: The cheapest option is not always the best option.  Look at what you are getting for the price.  Is airfare included in the package deal?  Is the hotel room large enough for your family?  Does the price include food?  What kind of amenities are there for the kids?  Break down the price versus what is included.  What may seem expensive at first glance may turn out to be the best deal when you list all the extras you will need to purchase.

Proximity to attractions: If you are going on vacation to see some sights such as Disneyland, Disney World or another major city, how close is your lodging to the attractions you want to see?  Are you going to be right in the park or staying just outside?  A rental car can get expensive, maybe the hotel has transportation available to get you to and from the parks?  Consider being within walking distance or using public transportation if you are going to a major city with multiple sites to see.

Off-season pricing: Let’s face it, everyone wants to travel to a warm destination in the thick of winter.  Consider vacationing during your destinations off-season.  Pricing will be less expensive, yet what you get will be the same.  Also, there might not be as many guests during the off-season, so the atmosphere may be a bit calmer and more relaxed.

Deals: Check out websites other than your destinations page.  Places like Viator and Expedia.com can help you get the most for your money.  Also consider using Groupon.  You can get great package deals for hundreds off the retail price!  Call around to different places as well, talk to them on the phone, they may be able to offer you a package deal that is not listed anywhere.  It’s worth a phone call!

Finding a great vacation package deal doesn’t have to be difficult.  Plan ahead, know what you are looking for and what you can go without.  Research can save you money.  Keep in mind, what may look like it will break the bank, may not when you compare the extras you will have to pay for that you are not getting on ‘better’ deal.  

What have you found when pricing out family vacation packages?  Share your research and experience with us below!

21 thoughts on “What to Consider Before Booking Your Family Vacation Package”

  1. You forgot a very important tip. Many parents are busy and booking a family vacation can be stressful (just look at the comments). The BEST WAY to avoid the stress is to HIRE A TRAVEL AGENT. Most of the good ones do not charge a fee and the prices are usually the same (or better) then you would get on your own. Agents offer expertise which is priceless. Many also offer a personal concierge level of service that can help you to avoid all the stress. So, if they don’t charge you a fee and the price is relatively the same then get one :)

  2. I haven’t quite planned appropriately for family vacations. Most times, we plan only a week or two before, and don’t do the full research. These are some great tips for the future!

  3. We don’t do too many big family vacations anymore. My adult kids are busy and take their own vacations. Although we all go to Vegas every year together. My husband is excellent in making our travel plans and he does a lot of research first.

  4. I am all for traveling in the off season when prices are cheaper. Sadly, with a kiddo in school that’s not really possible to do. Hubs and I do a few road trips a year to recharge our batteries. I always look around to see whats in town and read reviews.

  5. Oh the warm sun & sand! How I miss them! I do a lot of research too before making a trip. I usually have multiple chrome tabs open all at once, comparing prices, length of flights, hotels, reviews, etc etc! Great tips!

  6. I try to decide whether or not we are flying or driving first (like you advised) then I work from there. Everything is always centered around a budget of course.

  7. My kids always like it really simple. Finding a nice place to stay in a warm place was enough for them. Off season is the best time so it’s less busy and more relaxed.

  8. Family vacations can be so stressful to plan. We did our first one last year. I need to go ahead and book ours for this summer, before prices skyrocket and condos are all booked.

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