Tailor Made Family Holidays

tailor made family holidays
Summer has arrived! The kids are out of school and parents are ready for a break from their usual work days. This summer why not create your own tailor made family holidays, where the focus is on family and making memories together? You don’t need to spend a lot of money on any of these ideas and the kids are sure to enjoy them if you include them in the planning process.


Tailor Made Family Holidays for the Summer


Tailor made family holidays

Camping is a great option if your family loves nature and being outside. Stay near home or travel to a campground several hours away. Pack lots of snacks, hot dogs and smores ingredients. Go swimming, hiking, bicycling, running or just hang out around the campfire.

A camping trip works great if you want to plan holidays with extended family members, too. Select adjacent campsites and make some lasting memories together. Be sure to have a back up plan just in case it rains. Sit at a picnic table and work on making a family tree, writing down family memories, or making plans and setting goals for the upcoming years.

Explore A Town:

Choose a town that you have always wanted to go visit: maybe a small, old fashioned town full of antique shops and history or a big, bustling city with modern art and the latest fashions. As your holiday approaches, order travel guides or search on line to find information about the town and let family members help choose the places to go. Such tailor made family holidays needn’t be costly, you are likely to find plenty of parks to enjoy and low cost activities going on during the summer.

Lock-In at Home:
Child saying bye to school and welcoming summer camp

Try this classic group activity with your own family. Decide on how many days you will observe your lock-in. Prepare all the food and activities in advance so you don’t step off your own property for the whole holiday. Make a trip to the library to pick up lots of books, movies and music. Plan crafts or gardening projects. Buy ingredients to cook a meal from a culture outside of your own.

Don’t answer your phone or check email, though it’s okay to play out in the yard or order pizza delivery for a change of pace. Just have fun staying home together, sleeping in and relaxing for a change for one of those fantastic tailor made family holidays.

Water Park Holiday:

For another idea for one of those tailor made holidays, spend a few days out in the sun enjoying the water at a water park. Most parks offer discounts if you purchase two or three day passes. Find a great package deal on a nearby hotel. Spend all day in the sun and water, then sit back and put your feet up at night, talking and catching up on movies that you’ve been meaning to watch, or some old favorites as a family.

What tailor made family holidays have you put together and enjoyed?

 Updated by Kimberly February 2014