What’s Your Family’s Dream Vacation Adventure? #AdventureAwaits

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Arm & Hammer. We received the products mentioned below for free.  The opinions and text are all mine.
What's your dream family vacation adventure? Where would you go if the ends of the Earth was the limit? Check out our answer & how laundry can take us there!

What’s your dream family vacation adventure? That’s the question before me as I sit down in front of a blank screen to write this post. Oh, the places I want to go! It’s an impossible question! Not because I can’t think of a place I want to go, but because I can’t think of a SINGLE place I want to go! So many amazing destinations that would enrich Jacob’s life forever. Which to choose?

Adventure Awaits in the Pages, Parks and Your Own Home

Here’s my dilemma: as an avid reader from childhood (thanks, in part, to all those spectacular Scholastic fliers that we got in school!), I know that there are worlds upon worlds of adventure out there! Every corner of our planet offers some sort of mystery and intrigue. When you’re traveled the worlds of millions of characters through the pages of a book, it makes you hungry to travel your own more thoroughly.

What's your dream family vacation adventure? Where would you go if the ends of the Earth was the limit? Your answer could win you a trip of a lifetime!

Thinking locally (as in, the US), state and national parks hold a huge appeal to me. They have a little bit of everything. I live within a few miles of several state parks in Pennsylvania, so I’d want to see what other states have to offer. Yellowstone is my dream park. I’d love to see the geysers! I’d also love to see Acadia. I lived in Maine for a year, but we never quite got that far up. I also never got to see a moose while I was living there, so it’s on my bucket list! I feel like I missed the whole Maine experience.

Plus, parks just have that amazing fresh air aroma. I’m a big believer that certain scents can stimulate your mind or bring back memories. Parks bring back memories of my childhood playing in the woods! I lived just about a mile from Promised Land State Park, and my backyard was a forest. I spent my days climbing trees, imaging that a small pond was a fairy tale world and looking under every mushroom for little blue people!

Speaking of childhood scents, memories and national parks, did you know that ARM & HAMMER™ makes an awesome laundry detergent that recreates all those familiar aromas of the outdoors? Their ARM & HAMMER™ Clean Scentsations™  laundry detergent has three scents that recreate the enticing aromas of three of the most famous national parks: Purifying Waters from Glacier Bay from Alaska; Sunkissed Flowers Yosemite, California; and Twilight Sky from Acadia, Maine. I tried the Sunkissed Flowers and it made my laundry smell like I just got back from an adventure! My clothes were Powerfully Clean and Vibrantly Fresh.

Arm & Hammer Scentsations Sun-Kissed Flowers

I love that ARM & HAMMER™ offers such adventurous scents. It makes me feel like I can wrap my family in the outdoors, even when I can’t leave home. I feel confident using this trusted, timeless, and practical laundry solution because I know it’s going to get my clothes clean. I may not be able to take my son on family vacation adventures every day, but I can bring the adventure home through books and enticing scents that invoke the outdoors!


Where would you love to go on a family vacation adventure? Tell us in the comments! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Arm & Hammer. The opinions and text are all mine.

9 thoughts on “What’s Your Family’s Dream Vacation Adventure? #AdventureAwaits”

  1. My dream vacation would be in Macchu Picchu riding the most expensive train ticket possible so it would be easy to travel with kids. But I guess I can’t do that with them? LOL. Okay, just the beach in the Carribean. :d

  2. Our favorite vacation idea to talk about is visiting California, my husband is completely against it but I would love to take my daughter there one day to see all of the I Love Lucy sets and things. This is followed by Jamestown NY to visit Lucy’s hometown.

  3. There are a lot of places my family and I want to go, but I personally would love to go to Indonesia and visit their many beautiful islands!

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