Wet ‘n Wild Orlando: A Water Park for all the family members.


We arrived at Wet’nWilde around noon after driving from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando. It was a 3 hour drive! The kids were already tired and hungry. Luckily I had prepared some sandwiches and drinks for the trip and saved them in a cooler. The park allows coolers, which was a great way for us to save money on drinks and food! We parked the car.  The parking is 5 minutes walk from the entrance . To save time and energy for little ones, your partner and kids can stay in the line for tickets while you go park your car.

As soon as we arrived we rented a locker. By noon, all the family lockers were sold out! We had a single locker which was enough for our backpack.  We didn’t need more. It costs $7 + $3 deposit! You can rent also a Cabana. It includes a refrigerator, lockbox, table, chairs and lounges. If you reserve your Cabana online, you will receive 2 unlimited express pass tickets.

It was the first time my 4 year-old went to a water park. I was a bit anxious because she is not a great swimmer. She still needs a life jacket and I forgot hers at the hotel room. Luckily, life jackets are available everywhere in the park for free! It was a lifesaver. I was also worried that she couldn’t enjoy the park! She is barely 42”! But she had a blast! The first ride we did was the wave pool. It was a hot humid day and the pool was a great way for us to chill and relax. My daughter and husband stayed by the edge while my son and I son were adventurous and went to the deep end! I have been to wave pools before and they were more wavy. This one is pretty cool because every family member can have fun. The deeper you go, the more waves you get!


Then we split into groups: the girls and the boys.  The girls went to Blastaway Beach which was specifically designed for families with young kids! What I loved about it is that there are lifeguards all around the area! They had horns so they can remind children (and sometimes parents) to slow down and watch out! My daughter loved the slides! It was the first time she went by herself. She went first and then I went after her. I was more sacred than she was! She also loved the smaller slides. She could do them on her own without me being next to her! She felt like a grown up! There were enough chairs for adults to sit and relax but I was having such a fun time with my daughter sliding and splashing that I didn’t sit!


Then we did the Blast (Two people take a ride in a tube along a ruptured pipeline that will thrill you to the core and soak you to the bone with waterfalls, bursting pipes, and pools of swirling water.). As its name indicates,  it was a blast. We had to sit in a tube: my daughter and I! She was a bit scared because we went into a tunnel but it was only for few seconds! Then she was laughing when it went out! The boys had lots of fun riding the Brain Wash and the Black Hole! It was wet and wild as they said

Since we saved on food, we bought 2 water bottles for kids. The refill was free! The kids had fun refilling and drinking their favorite juice! As a dessert, they enjoyed  delicious ice cream! We stayed there for 6 hours! There were lines  but they were moving fast! It is a pretty organized park. There are seats everywhere! If you don’t want to rent a locker, you can rent a table locker, which is pretty convenient.

One of the things that I like are the restrooms.  With all the juice and drinks they had, my kids needed to use the restroom . They have one next to the beach area with changing table, showers and even some decks to sit while waiting! It was one of my favorite trips during this road trip. Everybody had a blast! I even saw toddlers enjoying in the beach! For sure I will be visiting it again during my next Florida Trip!


Visit  Wet ‘n Wild website to check all other the attractions. Connect with Wet ‘n Wild Orlando on Facebook & Twitter.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free pass for my family for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience. Thank you Wet ‘n Wild Orlando for this great experience!


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  1. Whenever I go to Orlando, I always pass Wet n Wild but we never go there! Now I know that I’ve been missing out BIG TIME!

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