Traveling to Morocco with Kids

Morocco is a vacation destination that will surely be a hit with kids of all ages. At just a three hour flight from the UK, the antsy factor can be eliminated (or at least curbed). Whether you’re into natural tourism, or traveling to the historical-cultural sites, Morocco offers a breathtaking series of sights, sounds, and smells (!), to keep your kids entranced for as long as you’re there!

Here are a few reasons to consider traveling to Morocco:

Caleche rides
Since cars are less common even in the cities, you will have the opportunity to take your kids on a caleche ride! Traveling in these horse-drawn carriages is basically the Moroccan equivalent of a taxi, and really breaks the monotony of plane and train travel! You will easily be able to find caleches at almost all tourist attractions of the city. All carriages have their rates labeled on the carriage, but be sure to negotiate a lower price and agree on the time and route as well before getting in. Otherwise you will end up traveling to the wrong place at double the original price!
Djemaa el Fna

Morocco: Marrakech, Djemaa el Fna: October 2010

Most people traveling to Morocco come to see this place! The Djemaa el Fna is one of the biggest markets in the world (especially so in Africa), and provides all the sight and sound overload that your kids could ever need! Whether scoping out the strange fruits and animals, visiting the tanneries, or watching the jugglers, snake charmers, acrobats and dancers, the market may be the most memorable part of your kids’ traveling experience.

The Geography
Morocco is home to the Atlas Mountains, the Western Sahara, and some of the most beautiful beaches on earth. Whether your family is into hiking, surfing, swimming, or simply viewing gorgeous sites, there is an exotic feature not far from the Moroccan location you are traveling to!

Menara gardens

Menara gardens are a great place for the kids to visit as its offers several activities for children including bike riding and fish feeding. The kids are free to ride their bikes around the different parts of the park as well as feed small pieces of bread to the amazing variety of fish found here. The park also houses a café as well as numerous olive groves that even attract the local crowd for recreation. The park offers a wonderful atmosphere on Sundays when numerous families with kids visit for drum playing and picnics! The little explorers also have a virtually unlimited supply of trees to climb. Always factor in down-time when traveling to a strange new place.
Oasiria Water Park
In Marrakesh, the Oasiria Water Park remains open throughout the year and contains an impressive amusement park along with the water features. Sometimes the things that interest you about a place don’t interest your kids. Traveling to the Oasiria Water Park is great for taking a half-day break for the newness and just having some fun! The rides and bounce houses are always a hit!
Royal Equestrian Centre:
Located opposite Oasiria, the Royal Equestrian Center offers horse riding lessons from a culture that is known for its prominent riders, as well as pony rides that the smaller kids are sure to love. Traveling by horse throughout the country may be difficult, but you can experience the whole Moroccan equestrian tradition at the conveniently located Royal Center.Author
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