How To Have An Amazing Family Adventure In Victoria

Are you looking for things to do in Victoria for your next family trip? We've found the top adventures your family will not want to miss!

There are so many things to do in Victoria, and you are going to have such an exciting family adventure. Victoria is one of the best kept balmy secrets of Canada, with so many places to explore both inside and out. Weather tends to be a bit more moderate than the rest of Canada, which means there is lots of outside fun you can have. Layer your clothes for comfort and get ready to set off on some amazing adventures during your family trip to Victoria.

Things To Do In Victoria For An Amazing Family Adventure

Explore Nature, First People, and Culture At The Royal BC Museum

I’m a little biased, but amazing museums are always on my list when I go traveling. The Royal BC Museum is top notch full of great exhibits on animals, plants, and native people. My favorites include the Ocean Gallery, Totem Hall in the First People’s galleries and a step back in modern history in Old Town for some big wows for your family! Also don’t miss the IMAX they have some amazing shows.

Climb Over A Giant Sea Monster At Cadboro-Gyro Park

When you’re on vacation, you could take a trip to a regular old park and take a ride on the swings. When you are on vacay in Victoria, you have to check out the Cadboro-Gyro Park. Crawl through a giant octopus eye, slide down a fishes’ tale or climb on top of a sea monster. Make some time for this playground, it’s crazy cool!

See Canada’s Oldest Lighthouse

Love beachside exploring or history? Pack a picnic and head over to Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse. See the camouflaged camping site, fort and batteries that were used to defend Canada over 100 years ago. You’ll also have a great view of Figard Lighthouse and have plenty of opportunities to explore beaches and beautiful views.

Check Out The Bug Zoo

Check out the fascinating world of insects at the Victoria Bug Zoo. This place is amazing with over 40 species of bugs both for the nature lovers and even for those who are a bit squeamish. You won’t want to miss the glow in the dark scorpions, giant walking sticks and seeing Canada’s largest ant colony. This is a guided tour, but tours leave all day, and you can even sneak a bit of education into this fun.

Go Whale Watching

If your family is up for a big adventure, going on a whale watching tour is one of the most exciting adventures you can do! Dress carefully as the weather on the water is often up to ten degrees colder than on the shore. Pack snacks and know what your tour company provides for you. Then sit back and enjoy searching for real whales! Eagle Wing Tours has some great tips for parents, so you know what to expect!

Experience The Running Of The Goats At Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

One of Vancouver’s best kept secrets is the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm. The farm is also a petting zoo that starts daily at 10 am with the traditional Goat Stampede, and only the YouTube video above can do it justice. After your child squeals along with the goats, you can head over to give these patient friends a hug. Also, explore bunnies, donkeys, peacocks and other fun animals to fawn over. Don’t miss the beautiful Beacon Hill Park surrounding the farm.

Which of these family adventures in Victoria are you going to see during your trip? Do you know of any other hidden things to do in Victoria? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I loved Victoria when we visited, it is a beautiful town and there is so much to do around that area. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy advice on family adventures, makes me want to plan and organize more. I like how you organized your post with pictures and tips. Thanks for sharing!

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