Things to Do in Saint Sauveur During Winter Time: Skiing and Shopping!

If you haven’t checked out all the fun things to do in Saint Sauveur, you’re missing out on a spectacular family vacation, not to mention an amazing change to ski Quebec! This gorgeous region is home to over three dozen ski trails, one of the coolest toboggan tracks and plenty of shopping.


I have been sharing my skiing trips lately on Instagram! Most of my followers kept asking me the following question: where was it? We want to know this gorgeous place you go to! It is in Saint Sauveur, in the province of Quebec (Canada) and yes it is just gorgeous. My mom calls (or names) this city “the doll city!” The houses are in the shape of doll houses: lots of colors and nice shapes! But what my mom doesn’t know (because she does not ski) is that it is a great place to ski for both beginners and intermediate skiers!

Where is Saint Sauveur

It is in North of Quebec, in the Laurentians region! All this region is just beautiful! It has great mountains perfect for skiing, sledding, snow tubing during the winter and nice water-parks during the summer! It is a one-hour drive from Montreal which makes it a very popular and sought-after destination for city residents like me! Check out the video of all the fun things to do in Saint Sauveur!

Things to do in Saint Sauveur in Winter



Most of the visitors come for skiing purposes! Saint Sauveur has nice skiing hills for beginners and intermediate skiers. It has also a ski school where kids and adults can learn to ski and conquer their skiing fear!

What I like most about the skiing station is the view from top of the hills! It is just gorgeous and breathtaking! See for yourself. Each time I go up, I take few moments to enjoy the view from the top! It just makes my day!


My kids love the ski hills there too! Being 6 years apart, it was hard to find ski resorts our area where both kids can have fun! With Saint Sauveur ski resort, it was a hit! Both kids have fun on the slopes. Each one can find a slope according to his or her level. They are fun to do: not too short and not too long! They are just perfect for their level and their age! Besides, my son is in a competition team where they learn how to ski like professionals (or almost).


As in each ski station, there is a dining area where we can bring our  own food, a restaurant, restrooms, a ski shop and more. There is nothing special about this area, except that it is large and cozy! It has huge windows that provide a nice view of the slopes.

Snow tubing


If you are not a ski fan, you can go snow tubing! It is another great winter activity in Saint-Sauveur! You can even go snow boat rafting! If you haven’t already tried this, I highly recommend it! It’s a great winter activity for kids who aren’t quite into skiing.

Ride the Viking!


Saint Sauveur has an amazing tobogganing track called The Viking. It’s features a single car that steers along a twisting, turning track. The best part is, you control the speed. So if you have little ones, you can slow it down a bit and take in the gorgeous scenery. If you’re feeling like a daredevil, though, go ahead and release that brake all the way!

Dining and Shopping in Saint Sauveur Outlets


Saint Sauveur has a nice outlet shopping area in the village! You can find items for kids and grown ups on a discounted price. We usually go to the village after a long day of skiing to drink a coffee and enjoy some discounts in the shops. My husband and I usually buy our upcoming winter coats from those outlets! It is a great way to save money on outerwear for next year!

With so many fun things to do in Saint Sauveur during the winter, you’ll find something enjoyable for the whole family! Which activity would you like to try the most?

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  1. I would love to ride The Viking! That looks like a blast. I haven’t been skiing in Quebec in probably 15 years, but I remember the scenery was always gorgeous, especially after it had just snowed.

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