The Most Unusual and Unique United States Tourist Attractions

Bored of the same beach vacation? Check out these unusual and unique United States tourist attractions and do something different for your family vacation!

Looking for something a little more unique for your family vacation than the typical beach or lake getaway? Did you know that the United States has some unusual and unique tourist attractions? Why not plan a vacation around one or more of them? You could even make a goal to see all the weirdest unique United States tourists attractions as a family before the kids head off to college! Here are some great places in the U.S. that you can visit that are unusual and unique.

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Unusual and Unique United States Tourist Attractions

The Beer Can House– The Beer Can House is located in Houston, Texas. This unique attraction is the work of John Milkovisch. He created this place in 1968 when he retired and didn’t want to mow the lawn at his home anymore. So, instead of grass, he laid wood, rock and marble as part of the landscaping. But the retired upholsterer didn’t just stop there. He decided to cover his entire home with flat beer cans. Of the course of almost two decades, John put up siding made with about 50,000 beer cans.

The Cadillac Ranch– The Cadillac Ranch is located in Amarillo, Texas. This attraction features 10 classic cars that are half buried in the sand. It was only intended to be displayed temporarily but turned out to be a huge tourist attraction so it stayed permanently. The attraction is the work of millionaire Stanley Marsh III as well as a trio of architects, built in 1974.

Dinosaur Park– Dinosaur Park is located in Rapid City, South Dakota. This park was established more than 70 years ago and contain replicas of the same dinosaurs that once walked on Earth.

Unusual and Unique United States Tourist Attractions

Jolly Green Giant– The Jolly Green Giant is located in Blue Earth, Minnesota. In 1978, the town of Blue Earth constructed a 55 foot tall statue of the Jolly Green Giant since the company Green Giant has a plant nearby.

London Bridge– London Bridge is located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. In 1831, London Bridge was constructed but couldn’t handle the traffic of London so it was reconstructed in 1971 in Lake Havasu City. An oil baron bought the bridge for $2,460,000 and then spent an additional $7 million rebuilding it. The Guinness Book of World Records has it listed as the world’s largest antique, at 950 feet long.

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Hatfield-McCoy Feudin’ Trail- Start at the museum in Pikeville, Kentucky and follow the trail of the most famous feuding family throughout parts of Kentucky and West Virginia. Finish up with a Hatfield and McCoy dinner show in Tennessee! This is a great road-trip family vacation. Since it involves a bit of travel, it’s probably better for families with older kids and teens. Cranky toddlers may create a feud in your family!

Have you ever been to any of these most unique United States tourists attractions on your family vacations? Know of any other places that should be on this list? Tell us in the comments! 

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  1. I have never visited any of these unusual attractions, but I have heard of the The Cadillac Ranch. These would be fun stops to make if you were anywhere handy!

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