Puerto Rico: A Fun Family Vacation Destination

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I remember when I went to Puerto Rico a few years ago, how much I wished I could spend more time there. I went on a cruise and only had about 6 hours on the gorgeous island! We spent it checking out the awesome fort ruins before hopping on a bus for a quick tour of San Juan. I can’t wait to go back one day and really see everything.


Puerto Rico: A 5-Star Vacation for the Whole Family

Puerto Rico has some many things for everyone in the family to do, making it easy to  Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico.  Did you know that the island has 270 miles of coastline? That’s a lot of places to kick back and relax with family while the waves gently lap the coast. Check out a few things I’d love to do next time I visit Puerto Rico:

  • See how I glow in the water of the Bioluminescent bays. Can you imagine how cool that would be?
  • Go horse back riding along the beach. I’ve never done that before. I used to ride horses casually as a kid and it’s been years since I’ve done it!
  • Visit the rainforest and climb into the clouds.
  • Sample all the amazing food! That’s one thing I didn’t really get to do during our short visit. We were trying to fit in as much sight-seeing as possible and never really stopped to eat. Puerto Rico is supposed to be a foodie’s dream come true.

If you love golf, Puerto Rico has some amazing courses with stunning views. Check out the video!

A really great thing about Puerto Rico is that it gives your family the experience of traveling to an exotic land in the Caribbean without needing a passport. Just hop on a plane and go! I was even able to call home without extra fees from the island, since it’s a US territory. Obviously, you’ll want to check with your cell phone provider about that, but it was nice to let my family know everything was going well. 

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Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? What would you most love to see there?

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21 thoughts on “Puerto Rico: A Fun Family Vacation Destination”

  1. So cool, I’ve always wanted to visit PR. My hubby lived there for a few years growing up. I didn’t realize there were so many amazing things to do there!

  2. I really LOVE Puerto Rico and have been there a few times. Old San Juan is just gorgeous, but I also love the northwest by Aguadilla/Isabela. I also love just driving around, especially the winding rainforest roads on the way to Arecibo!

  3. I would love to travel to Puerto Rico, my sister visited last year and she had nothing but wonderful things to say.

  4. Puerto Rico has been on my list for so many years… I would love to visit! We’re waiting until our baby is here and at least a year…but this post makes me want to go right now :(

    1. The beaches are gorgeous! I only saw them in passing because we weren’t there long enough to enjoy them, but that is definitely on my itinerary for when I get to go back one day.

    1. That is so cool! When my ex was in the military, we were offered Puerto Rico as an option. Sadly, he decided to get out instead of reinlisting. I would have liked to live there for a few years!

  5. Never been to Puerto Rico but it looks amazing and beautiful! I would have to check out the Rainforest. We have one at the zoo here, but seeing and experience one in real life would be pretty awesome.

  6. That looks beautiful!! I am a person who doesn’t fly so I think that holds me back some from traveling as we live in Kansas, and the drive would be long. Maybe if I get up some guts I could fly and visit one day, looks beyond gorgeous!

    1. I was going to say “take a cruise,” but I guess that’s not feasible from Kansas. It’s funny, because I am afraid of a great many things, but flying is the one thing that never bothered me. I started young though, my mom would put me on a plane at 10 to go see my aunt for a few weeks every summer. My mom, on the other hand, is scared of flying and takes a ton of anti-anxiety meds before stepping foot on a plane. It’s a common fear and one that I imagine is difficult to get past.

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