Paradisus Hotel in Cancun: Perfect Destination for Family Travel!

While I was braving the snow and winter in Montreal, my husband went to Cancun (for business) and stayed at Paradisus hotel!

The kids and I were so jealous of him: who wouldn’t be?

It was minus something here and it was all sunny and warm there! Still, we were happy for his little getaway with his co workers.

My husband works very hard and deserved this time!

Check out his thoughts about the Paradisus hotel part of Melia International Hotels and what makes it great for family travel as well as business travel.

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I remember when I made the bookings for Paradisus with Meliá Hotels and wondered if they were going to be as good as they say on the website and deliver what they promise. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical but I am glad that all my fears were unfounded.  The nice facilities, elegant decorations and the well-trained staff are some good reason why I would love to return to these resorts.


Paradisus Hotel in Cancun: Luxury for the whole family!

I felt completely relaxed the moment I stepped inside the hotel. There is plenty to do here and explore that can make you feel happy, comfortable and completely relaxed.  I personally loved those multiple restaurants. The sushi one was a great one as well as the market grill.  The main restaurant has a stunning view on the pool and the beach: simply gorgeous.


You will get to see the most beautiful décor and a nice quality food. If you crave for a little pampering or a little more attention, you can get it here. If you are here with family, you will simply get floored by the luxury amenities for kids. It really is a great place to spend some quality time with your family. Take a look at our video to see just how wonderful it is!

I feel this is a perfect vacation getaway, whether you are going alone, with family or friends. It is a very safe hotel: all the entries are controlled. Those white beaches of soft sands at the exclusive beach resort and spacious, nice rooms will simply win your heart.


Whether you are at one of the lagoon pools or on the beach, you will experience 100% satisfaction at every step. You can choose Family concierge options or the Royal Service and feel extremely pampered. Their experienced team of personal butlers will leave no room for any complaints. I loved their private pools and those special restaurants.


I think this resort will be the top on my list for luxury resorts offering the highest standards of excellence. The beauty of those perfectly manicured greens and detail-minded services will help one understand as to why the resort is praised all over the world. YHI spa really revitalized my body and soul and I felt myself brimming with energy. Those massages, body wraps in a soothing dim lighting and the calming décor really set the mood for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.


I am simply going to go back to the breathtaking tropical paradise, not just for those exceptional facilities and outstanding services, but to enjoy a perfect dream vacation in Cancun.

Have you ever been to Cancun? What is your favorite place to visit for family travel?






5 thoughts on “Paradisus Hotel in Cancun: Perfect Destination for Family Travel!”

  1. I love the way the plant-life hangs and cascades on the inside. I feel relaxed just looking at those photos, I can’t imagine what it would be like if I were actually there! Maybe one day I can go for my dream vacation.

  2. I love Cancun. My husband and I have been there twice — without the kids! Beautiful beaches. Loads of fun.

    For family travel, I prefer national parks and the midsize cities (Nashville, Raleigh, Columbus, Phoenix). Lots to do without the high intensity of the really big cities. Though, I like big cities, beaches, mountains, islands, cruise ships…. Hmmmmm….. might be easier to answer where don’t you like to go for family vacation!

  3. This is a perfect share for summer vacation but the sad things here is I am far away from this destination and so me and my family will not be able to visit but maybe someday. Those long vines makes the whole place very nature.

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