Let’s Go to New Brunswick! #LetsGONB

When I was working in an accounting firm, I had a colleague from New Brunswick. During our lunch time, he kept sharing pictures about his beautiful province and stories that went with them. My eyes could not get enough of those beautiful scenic pictures  and my mouth was mouthwatering with all the fresh seafood he was mentioning.

We're going to New Brunswick, Canada! Follow along on our adventures & check out our favorite attractions!Since then I have always wanted to visit New Brunswick but I never got the chance. Guess what, my dream will be fulfilled and I will be visiting New Brunswick! I will be eating fresh seafood and visiting those beautiful places I have seen in pictures. I will be enjoying this wonderful experience with 7 other bloggers and their families. And I will be sharing it with YOU. Make sure to follow the hashtag #LetsGONB to follow my journey on my social media accounts.

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Have you ever visited New Brunswick? Let me know in the comments.

This post is brought to you by  SJ Consulting on behalf of Tourism New Brunswick. All opinions are mine.

12 thoughts on “Let’s Go to New Brunswick! #LetsGONB”

  1. I’ve been to NB once and it was amazing. Took a photo with a giant Lobster. Sadly, Lobster season had just ended so I missed out on the succulent fare 🙁

  2. Oh wow, I am very excited for you. I have heard so much about Brunswick and I also dream of visiting it. Can’t wait to see your photos. Have fun!

  3. I live in New Brunswick and even though I may be biased, NB is gorgeous! There is so much to see and do, hope you thoroughly enjoy Canada’s aptly named “Picture Province”!

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