#GoHondaCRV part 1: Bears, Beavers and Spa! Not in the car!

A few weeks ago, Six bloggers (including me) were invited to a special event organized by Honda Canada to test the new Honda CRV. It was not the usual test drive where you take the car and you test on your own. Honda Canada team organized a road trip that enabled us to test the HondaCRV, its comfort, its loading capacity and other options during a magical road trip to Sacacomie Hotel. The hotel overlooks the majestic Sacacomie Lake and its 42 km coastline.

Each blogger was paired with another one. It started with an exercise: loading the trunk! We had to load all the stock below! Did we manage?

Then we were handed a map. Each blogger had to drive for a certain time then switch to the other blogger so we can try the car. I loved the attention to the details: in each car we had a snack bag with water and great snacks. We drove for 2 hours: 1 in the city and 1 in scenic road. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful restaurant.

Where we had lunch

We had lunch with the rest of the bloggers and Honda Canada representatives. The atmosphere was relaxed, as if we knew each other for years. Even if the aim of the trip was to test the car, Honda Canada team didn’t ask us about our impressions. It was all about having fun and enjoying some parts of Quebec I have never visited.

Having Lunch with Honda Canada Team

Then we left the cars and drove a 12 seat canoe (rabaska) to our final destination : Sacacomie Hotel. We were paddling in the light rain. It was quite funny and I really enjoyed it. It was a 20 minutes exercise!

Upon arrival to Sacamoie, we had a relaxing massage! ( I don’t have pictures for this moment) Then we were out to observe beavers and bears in their natural habit.. We traveled in an all terrain vehicle with our guide trapper. In the vehicle, some delicious snacks were waiting for us!

Preparing for the observation


The observation was quite impressive. The beavers were afraid of us. We waited for 15 minutes (or maybe more) in the rain! It was worth the wait. The dad beaver took some branches handed by the guide and brought them back to its babies.



Then we went to the bears! Each day, the Sacacomie hotel provides food (don’t worry, not the visitors), to the bears at the same time! We had the opportunity to watch a Mom bear and her three babies. The trapper shared some useful tips with us! If you happen to face a bear, don’t run. Hand him something and walk slowly away. ..

3 baby bears climbing

After observing the animals, we went back to the hotel for a delicious dinner and some fun time. The trip was well organized. Honda team paid attention to every detail!! Did we enjoy the car? Don’t miss our second part.

In the mean, enjoy the slides below.


Disclosure: I was invited to this event. No monetary compensation was provided. All opinions are mine!

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