Fundy Discovery Aquarium in New Brunswick: Interactive Family Fun


During my trip to New Brunswick, I had the chance to visit the Fundy National Aquarium. I have already visited aquariums before but the Fundy one stood out.  It stood out because kids were really involved in the experience. They touched some of the aquatic animals, watched seahorses being fed and really got to interact with everything.  I even saw one of the largest lobsters. Don’t worry, I did not eat it!

Interactive Fun at the Fundy Aquarium in New Brunswick



The seahorses are fed at 10.15  and 2.30 pm. The kids (and the adults) were impressed by this experience and I learned that these aqua animals doubled their size in few weeks! Imagine if our own kids grew that fast?

Largest Lobsters

This 27 pound lobster is impressive. It was caught on July 1962. We also got the chance to see live lobster in the aquariums.


The aquarium features salmons from the Bay Of Fundy. We cannot fish these in the Bay as they are a preserved species. The guide mentioned that these salmons got in fights on a regular basis and they had to clean their aquariums often. fundy-discovery-aquarium-in-new-brunswick-interactive-family-fun-for-all

An interactive playground


While we were learning about the salmons from our guide,  little ones were having fun playing in the kids area. They could touch some aqua creatures such as star fish and sea cucumber. I have never seen a sea cucumber before, nor touched it. Apparently some cultures eat it. It had the same shape as the regular cucumber but stickier. fundy-discovery-aquarium-in-new-brunswick-interactive-family-fun-for-all

The Touch Pool

It was my daughter’s favourite experience. The Fundy Discovery Aquarium has a pool on the first floor featuring all kinds of sea creatures. Everyone gets the chance to touch them. We touched star fish, a ray, and all kinds. My daughter was impressed by the ray and we we caught it talking to us. I don’t know what she was saying but it was adorable.


The rays were friendly and let the kids pet them.  It was hard to get the kids out from the touch pool area.  We even got to see a sting ray talking!

Have you ever seen a Ray talking? Here is your chance. I captured this at Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium few weeks ago. My daughter cannot stop watching it.

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Seals of Bay of Fundy: feeding time

Seal feedings time are at 11 am and 4 pm. Although my daughter saw a seal before, she never got the chance to watch a seal being fed. The aquarium was featuring the Harbour Seals: the most common species locally. Did you know that males can reach 3.3 m!! Impressive.


Some information about the Fundy Discovery Aquarium

Address: 1 Lower Campus Road, St.Andrews, (506) 529-1200


Hours: Daily from 10 AM to 5 PM


Adult- $14.00
Senior –  $11.50
Children 4yrs -17yrs – $9.75
Children under 4yrs – FREE
This 20,000 square foot Aquarium includes a 218 seat theatre, several viewing tanks of various Bay of Fundy fish. They have a snack area as well as a nice gift shop. You can host a birthday party as well as sleepovers. Wouldn’t that be a great experience for little ones?  Check out my slide show for one last look at all the cool things we saw!

The aquarium was one of my favourite activity during my New Brunswick visit. I learned about the marine life in the Bay Of Fundy. Most of all, kids learned about it and got the hands-on experience of touching the creatures. My daughter did not want to leave the aquarium.

Have you ever been to the Fundy Aquarium? What sea creature would you love to see? 


This post is brought to you by  SJ Consulting on behalf of Tourism New Brunswick. All opinions are mine.

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  1. I wanted to take my kids to an aquarium this summer, but it didn’t happen due to being so sick with my pregnancy. Man, we seriously are missing out! This aquarium looks absolutely amazing!

  2. I live in NB and have never been to the Huntsman Aquarium! Was actually in St. Andrews on Monday, wish I had dropped into the aquarium, it looks fabulous. I am putting the Fundy Aquarium on my “must do” list! Those seahorses are so cute and the sea cucumber is very unusual.

  3. I would love to spend the day at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium. The Seahorses are my favorite. I could watch them for hours.

  4. You know, there is nothing like watching kids as they walk through an aquarium. The things we know and take for granted, they look at with such awe… LOVE it

  5. This looks like such an awesome aquarium. My son loves seeing the sea life and would think that lobster was so cool! Will have to go there if we’re ever in that area.

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