A Family Travel Adventure: Holiday in Morocco

Tempted by overflowing souks of handcrafted goods, sprawling sands of Sahara, and towering snow covered mountains? Morocco is a great destination for family travel when you want to have a great adventure! Just stepping off the plane may induce an initial overwhelming euphoria! Dodge donkey carts on the streets, walk through winding labyrinths, and sleep under the stars in a Sahara tent. Morocco has something for everyone!


The major cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Tangier, and Marrakech are often the only destinations that make it onto an itinerary. While there are many sites worth seeing go beyond the initial urge to keep vacations limited to these areas. In Morocco it’s possible to shop in a bustling city of several million in the morning, throw snowballs in the afternoon and fall asleep in the Sahara that night.

Fun family travel adventures in Morocco include: 

  • Whitewater rafting – This is relatively new to Morocco but several companies like Splash Morocco offer experienced staff and guides on these exciting trips.
  • Rock Climbing – Both mountain climbing and rock climbing opportunities exist in Morocco and are available for beginning through advanced climbers. The Todra Gorge in southern Morocco is one of the most famous destinations for climbing but you can find locations throughout the country.
  • Windsurfing or Surfing – Morocco’s Atlantic coast from Dakhla in the far south to Essaouaira situated further north has world renowned surfing conditions. Classes and equipment rentals are available as are day and week-long classes for individuals and families.
  • Trekking and Mountain Biking – Hundreds of kilometers of hiking and biking paths crisscross Morocco – many of which exist on old trade routes.
  • Desert Camping – Camping in the Sahara and camel riding are top adventures for many visitors and there are plenty of companies like Journey Beyond Travel that can set you up for a great adventure. You’ll want to take care to choose a company wisely and never attempt to enter the desert without a guide.


If your idea of a family travel adventure is a little more subdued there are other activities as well. Visit rural areas and experience traditional Berber markets. Here you’ll see how Morocco’s rural populations get the items they need and you’ll experience a way of life that is very different from Morocco’s city populations. In cities throughout the country cooking classes are very popular. You not only will get to shop for produce and spices in the markets but an experienced cook will guide you through preparing a mouthwatering meal. If you’d rather just eat great food, you can find food tours in cities like Fez and Marrakech that are appropriate for all ages.

To get a real taste of Moroccan culture, stay in riads or old homes that have been refurnished into bed and breakfasts. In cities they can range from budget offerings to very lavish accommodations. In rural areas you are likely to find more modest offerings. No matter where you go you will find that Moroccans truly love children. It’s one country that you will never hear a complaint about children and most people go out of their way to make sure children are happy and comfortable, making it ideal for your family travel.

Have you ever had a family travel adventure in Morocco? What is the most exotic place your family every visited?

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