Explore the Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick

Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick, Canada are one of the most breathtaking family-friendly activities in the province. A must-see on your vacation!

Want to know how I would describe Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick? WONDERFUL, AMAZING, Unbelievable. Words cannot describe the experience! Before visiting the caves, I did not do my homework (shame, shame) so I did not know what to expect. When I heard the name “cave,” I thought it would fun for the kids. They have never visited a cave in their life (nor did I). I didn’t know it would be such a breathtaking experience!

The Saint Martins Sea Caves are part of the Stonehammer Geopark, a vast network of geological locations throughout New Brunswick. It includes so many amazing geosites, from the caves to the Fundy Trail (I’ll share a bit about that too!)  to parks and lighthouses! Here’s an interesting fact: they’re one of two geoparks in Canada that are part of a worldwide group, called Global Geoparks Network, that work together to conserve our Earth’s geological heritage.

Okay, enough talking, let’s go exploring this amazing natural wonder (in my opinion, not officially, YET!) of New Brunswick!

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Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick


We arrived around 2 pm at the caves. We were greeted by the wonderful social media crew of Tourism New Brunswick. As soon as we arrived, all the kids of the group headed to the beach to collect shells, rocks, or even dip their feet in the water. The view was wonderful. There was a nice breeze that relieved the heat of the day. Everybody took pictures of the caves and the water. Of course we could not visit the caves yet because we were at high tide: meaning they were filled with water.


Since we couldn’t get into the caves yet, we stayed for about 20 minutes, then we headed to the Fundy Trail Parkway for a bit. It is only a 15 minute drive and it is worth the visit. Check out 10 reasons to visit it on the Fundy Trail Parkway website. You can hike, visit water falls, admire wonderful views from the top of the hills.

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Then around 6 pm, we got back to the caves. We parked the cars at the Sea Caves restaurant. and I could not believe my eyes. It was low tide and the cave that was filled almost with water few hours ago is now dry and accessible.


Had someone told me this, I would have hard time believing him! Of course we had to walk to the caves. When you see them from far away the caves seem small. They are not. They are large, dark and you can hear water dripping. It is not spooky at all and my 7 year old did not want to get out. Of course there was some water left when accessing the caves, but kids did not mind that.



Some travel tips for exploring the Saint Martins Sea Caves

  • Make sure to arrive at High Tide and take pictures.
  • Come back at low tide and take pictures
  • Don’t hesitate to walk into the caves. They are not spooky. It is a great experience.
  • Shoes: Make sure to have sandals on because you will go through some water to access the caves.

This is such a fun family-friendly activity in New Brunswick! I can’t wait to return again someday and spend more time exploring all that the province has to offer!

Have you ever been to New Brunswick, Canada? What is your favorite family-friendly activity there? Did you visit the Saint Martins Sea Caves or Fundy Trail Parkway? Tell us in the comments!


26 thoughts on “Explore the Saint Martins Sea Caves in New Brunswick”

  1. Your photos turned out beautiful! I was just in New Brunswick and loved how beautiful everything there was. It was so much fun to explore everything and see everything it had to offer to visitors.

  2. Whoa the waterfalls look so amazing. It’s great that it was low tide that time and the waves are not too strong. I’ve experienced to go inside a cave one time and things inside are natural and interesting. Some kids may find it spooky and that’s normal because it’s dark.

  3. I have never been to the caves this is so neat and different. I would be looking for bats and stuff if I were to go. I am not much of an outdoor person but I do love to explore hidden treasures

  4. It looks so peaceful and relaxing. A motivation to save money for a future vacation. Love all the pictures, but the waterfall one is just amazing. I can see my son having a great time exploring. A great place to enjoy nature and disconnect from technology.

  5. We visited the Sea Caves just a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun! My kids figured out how to climb from the caves up to the top using a rope, and thought it was the best ever. And then the rest of my family decided to head off on this little path while the tide was coming in. I stayed back because I didn’t want to get wet. They managed to make it back just in the nick of time! We had a blast, and it was free too ;-). It’s the perfect place to visit!

  6. This seems like such an amazing place to explore. I’m not one for outdoor adventures but these caves look enchanting. I think I may make an exception to my outdoor rule just to add this to my list of things I have done. Thanks so much for sharing!

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