Blue Mountain: A Great Year-Round Family Vacation Destination #BlueMtnSummer

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Choosing the best place to go for a family vacation can be a major challenge. Maybe you want to relax by the pool while your husband wants to play golf and the kids want exciting thrills. Finding a place that accommodates everyone’s idea of an ideal vacation can leave you wanting to throw up your hands in frustration and just stay home! Fortunately, Blue Mountain offers a solution that will have everyone running to pack their bags!

Everyone will be racing to pack their bags for a trip to Blue Mountain!

Blue Mountain: Something for Everyone in the Family!


Experience thrills and excitement for the whole family at Blue Mountain!


Whether you’re planning one last summer vacation before heading back to school or thinking ahead to a winter vacation during the break, Blue Mountain offers year-round family fun. Take a peek at some of the exciting and relaxing things there are to do for the whole family!

Enjoy a family hike along guided trails– One of our favorite family activities is going for a hike together.  We love getting back to nature and spending time bonding over our journeys! Blue Mountain offers a Columbia mountain guided hike that everyone will enjoy.

The Woodlot Low Ropes provide some down-to-Earth excitement for kids too small to do the Timber Challenge.


Reach new heights – Check out the Timber Challenge High Ropes for an amazing view and a fun challenge! With 75 different elements including suspension bridges and zip lines, you’ll experience the thrill of climbing high above the canopy! Want to keep the younger ones a little closer to the ground? Check out the Woodlot Low Ropes. They offer all the same thrills, but just a little closer to Earth!

Relax by the pool or hit the beach! Spend the day relaxing poolside with a good book! Blue Mountain has a stunningly gorgeous pool that everyone will love! If you prefer some waves,  drive 10 minutes away and hit the beach for a day of splashing in the surf! The resort has their own private beach in the beautiful Georgian Bay.

Lets kids take the plunge at Plunge! Super Camp- Kids will enjoy all sorts of fun activities at Plunge! Super Camp! Available for ages 4-14, your kids can take swimming lessons, try geocaching and hit the bike trails while you and hubby spend some quality time together!

Relax at the Spa- While the kids are enjoying thrills and excitement at camp, order up some divine spa treatments a little relaxing grown-up time! The Scandinave Spa™ Blue Mountain sounds absolutely amazing, with a Eucalyptus steam room, hot baths and massage treatments.

Winter fun– If you’re thinking of heading to Blue Mountain for the winter break, you’ll find just as much to do there as in the summer! Hit the ski trails, take a ride on a toboggan or do some figure-8’s on the ice-skating rink! If you find yourself missing the fun of summer, head to the indoor water park to relive the best parts of those warmer days!


What are your favorite things to do on your family vacation? I bet you can find it at Blue Mountain!

Be sure to check out the Blue Mountain website and explore all the exciting events coming up throughout the season!



Blue Mountain Resort photo credit: GreenArcher04 on Flickr

18 thoughts on “Blue Mountain: A Great Year-Round Family Vacation Destination #BlueMtnSummer”

  1. We just went there last month to try out all the great kids and family activities. This was a spot I lived as a kid and I love it even more now. Great memories were made every time we visit!

  2. Our family LOVES Blue Mountain! Your photos are gorgeous! So much to do and family-friendly too! We are going in August, you have given me so many new things to try!

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