Best Summer Family Travel Destinations for Hikers

Looking for a little adventure and natural beauty on your next family vacation? Check out our favorite family travel destinations for hikers!

If you are looking for some great hiking spots to take your family to in the US, you have come to the right place!  There are so many amazing and different family travel destinations for hikers, and they will love to see something new and exciting.  Maybe you are looking for a different kind of family vacation than you are used to, hiking offers a way to bond and get some exercise while seeing some sights you wouldn’t see if you chose to stay at sea level.  Below is a list of different hiking areas in the US for you and your family to try out.

Summer Family Travel Destinations for Hikers

Acadia National Park: Located in the North Eastern part of the US in Maine, it boasts trails which lead to untouched, picturesque lands.  Have your camera ready!  Nestled on the coast of Maine near Bar Harbor you will get spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean where you can catch some harbor seals sunning themselves on the rocks below.  There are more than 47,000 acres for you to explore freely and affordably.

Family Travel to Yellowstone

Yellowstone: Hiking Yellowstone is like hiking in another land.  Geysers, hot springs, meadows and forests are just a few of the different types of things you will see while visiting Yellowstone.  Aside from the natural beauty this park has to offer, you will run into its permanent residents and I do not mean the human kind!  Elk, buffalo and even grizzly bears roam freely, so be on the lookout.  With 2.2 million acres to explore, you can feel comfortable that you will not run into too many of the 3 million people that visit the park every year.  Yellowstone runs through the Northwest corner of Wyoming and into Idaho and Montana.  With so much to see at this family travel destination, you will be going back for years to come!

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Grand Canyon: With people traveling from all over the globe to hike this destination, it has to make the list.  Running a mile deep, 277 miles in length and about 18 miles in width, nestled in northern Arizona, it can get a bit crowded at any time of year.  If you are looking for more amenities and easier hiking, start in The South Rim, it is more popular among visitors.  The North Rim is more secluded and is where you want to be if you are looking for more hardcore hiking and camping.  Wherever you decide to start, be sure to have your camera handy, and lots of water!

Sedona: All of Arizona is perfect for family travel! I had the pleasure of living there for 5 months.  Although you probably do not want to hike in the desert heat of the summer, this list couldn’t be completed without adding it.  I never made it to Sedona, but it is said to be some of the most beautiful hiking in all of the US.  With over 100 trails, you won’t have the same experience twice!  One trail that might ring a bell in particular is Cathedral Rock Trail, although it is not the easiest of trails, the views are amazing.

If you are not sure which trail is best for you, you can stop at The Hike House and they will help to guide you to the appropriate trails for you.  Pack plenty of water!  One thing I do know about living in the desert for part of the summer is that you will not realize you are thirsty.  If you haven’t been to a desert area in the southwest of the US, it is a dry heat, not humid.  Be aware that because this is some of the best hiking, trails are bound to be a bit crowded.

Whenever you are hiking, you want to be prepared and be sure you have plenty of water and appropriate footwear and clothing (leave the high heels at home!)  Dress in layers, as you hike the different elevations, the temperatures change.  Hiking in the summer all you should need a light jacket or long sleeve shirt depending on where you are going.  Before you go, do your own research on that specific location.  You will learn everything you need to have a successful hike!

Have you been to any of the family travel places listed?  What are some other spots you have taken your family to hike in the US?   Share your stories below!

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  1. Gorgeous! Totally gorgeous! You absolutely cannot beat mother nature for beauty. Ever. We’ve been planning a trip to Yosemite for some time now. Hopefully, we’ll make it happen soon!

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