Activities for Kids in New York City

My first visit to New York was in July 2012 for Blogher. While I was attending sessions and networking  my husband and kids were touring New York City! With so many fun activities for kids in the city, he didn’t have a hard time filling those hours at all!

Fun activities for kids and families in New York City

To say that New York City is a huge city would be an understatement that clearly doesn’t serve justice. Segmented by many towns, neighborhoods and regions, New York City has a massive layout offering thousands of activities and sight-seeing spots for both adults and children.

If you had planned a visit to New York City, then your kids are in luck; for what seems to be an utter concrete jungle actually has many interesting activities for kids to offer.

For kids who want more than the bewildering sky scrapers and gigantic billboards surrounded by neon lights, check out the list of activities for kids in NYC stated below.

Fun Activities for Kids in New York City

  •  Bronx Zoo: a visit to the famous Bronx Zoo of New York is simply a complete day’s activity, so make sure you don’t have anything else planned out for the same day. The Bronx Zoo holds the title of being the world’s largest urban zoo and as soon as you enter this mystifying place, you are going to realize that it is not only mesmerizing for the kids, but is clearly captivating for the adults as well. It houses some 600 or more species of animals brought in from around the world. Plan your whole day around this wondrously manicured zoo and spend a fabulous time with your kids.


  •  Toys R Us: If you have kids and you are traveling to New York City, then a visit to the famous toy store, Toys R Us, is a must. It is a humongous toy store that cannot be compared with any other. Just the fact that this multi-story toy store even has an enormous ferries wheel inside the shop speaks for itself. Toys R Us is a toy store in every sense of the word. Girls specially enjoy the exclusive Barbie section. In fact this store is not meant for boys or girls, adults too find themselves captivated with the world’s largest collection of toys and indeed brings out the child in them. Remakes of famous action figures and toys in a gigantic size are also very appealing. For a sweet treat, Candyland is a must-see!


  •  Central Park: If you can, then do take out special time to visit one of the largest parks in the world. This park is built over 850 acres so it is certainly a great deal and there is a lot more than just gardens and area for running for kids. In winters, you can avail the super skating rink and in summers, take your kids to the model boat pond where hundreds of visitors bring their remote model boats and have fun racing around and competing with others. If you don’t have a boat of your own, then you have the choice of renting a boat and taking it for a ride in the pond.


  • FAO Schwarz. Like Toys R Us, this iconic store is more than just a place to buy yet more toys for your kids. It’s truly an experience! Start by taking your picture with the doormen dressed as toy soldiers! Once inside, you’ll definitely want to check out the Big piano and slide across it’s keys like Tom Hanks in the movie. In the massive Lego section, you’ll find life-size Lego creations. It’s definitely one of the top activities for kids of any age (including kids at heart!).


  • Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was the first thing that immigrants saw when they came over to America after she was dedicated on October 28, 1886. She welcomed them to a land of opportunity. After well over 100 years, she’s still standing proud! There are many ways to see the Statue of Liberty. You can take a ferry that will go past her, take a trip directly to her island, or view her from certain points on the shore.


  • American Museum of Natural History. Located in Central Park, this museum is a must-see for any dinosaur fan. While there are many floors featuring different stages of natural history, the dinosaur exhibit is definitely a favorite! Here’s a tip: the entrance fee is the suggested price. If you have the money, please pay the full fee to help keep the museum going. However, families with tighter budgets shouldn’t be discouraged from visiting. Tell them what you can afford to pay and they will accept it.


  • United Nations. If you have older children, take them by the United Nations building to look at all the flags. Use it as a chance to give a brief history lesson! Tell kids about how it was established in 1945, and is a place where many great nations come together to discuss ways to maintain peace in the world. You can also take a guided tour for a fee.


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  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! My daughter just left this morning for a school trip to NYC. They are going to Broadway tonight. I will be sure to text her the link to this post!

  2. BlogHer was my first trip to New York too! I didn’t take my kids but would have loved to. I can’t wait to take them with me next time we visit. I had no idea about the Toys R Us Store, they would love it! The FAO store and zoo sound amazing too. Thanks for this list, now I really can’t wait to take them with me!

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