A memorable Day at The Great Escape Theme Park


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A few weeks ago,  we had a long holiday weekend.  We decided to take some time off and visit Lake George! It is only 3 hours drive from our home. The trip started pretty bad. Baby girl was feverish the night before. I rushed her to the doctor (as always) who said there was nothing to worry about. Hopefully she would be  better when we hit the road!

During the trip, we got a ticket because we were over the speed limit. We were mixed up between miles and kilometers! Here in Canada, we use the metric system! (For all my Canadian readers, make sure to know the conversion before you hit the road)!
Finally, we arrived to the hotel. A beautiful room was waiting for us! It was late night, kids were tired. So we relaxed in the pool and had a good night sleep. The next day we went to the Great Escape Theme Park. It was the opening day. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The kids were a bit disappointed because the water park was not open yet but it lasted only few seconds. As soon as we entered, they were amazed by what they saw.

Since my kids are 6 year-old apart, they cannot do the same rides at a theme park. My husband and I split into 2 teams: the girls and the boys. I was fine with it because I don’t like scary rides. I was happy to do the little one’s rides with my 4 year-old princess! We had a blast

Fantastic Kids Rides at The Great Escape Theme Park

We started with the Grand Carousel.
There is no height minimum with an adult . My princess did not want to go alone. I climbed a horse next to hers. It is a great ride to start with as many young kids are used to these rides.

Little Houses: 54” Max
My daughter just loved these houses. I think it was her favorite treat: everything was within her reach. She cooked, slept, read books. It was really hard getting her outside of these little houses and chairs!

Balloon Race: Under 48″ must be accompanied by a guest over 54″
It was a bit scary for her as it was a bit fast.  I was proud of her though because she did not cry!

Then we met with the rest of the family and we did some other fun rides in the theme park

Frankie’s Mine Train:
My son who is taller than “54 could go with his little sister. He was proud as he felt important. It is a mini roller coaster! She loved it! She said: it goes fast , it is fun.

Swan boat:
It is a beautiful boat ride around story town. The boat is really relaxing and you can enjoy beautiful ducks and scenery.

Since it was a hot day, my kids enjoyed this water park. It was refreshing!


We did so many other rides! It was a real blast. We enjoyed every moment. I was proud of my 4-year-old because she did not complain at all! .

A few tips when preparing for theme park day with kids

To ensure a successful stay at theme park, try the following tips:

  • Have your sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the sun! You will be staying long hours in a sunny park. It is really useful
  • Wear comfortable shoes. I cannot enough emphasize that. I was wearing flats all day. My feet were sore at the end
  • Have extra clothes for you and your family members.
  • Drink a lot of water during your stay
  • Take breaks with kids. It really helps them to keep up throughout the day..
  • Have fun with them. I had so much with my daughter! Beautiful moments, beautiful memories. Hope you can have yours too!

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored activity. 

6 thoughts on “A memorable Day at The Great Escape Theme Park”

  1. I haven’t been to Lake George in years and the Great Escape even longer but what fond memories I have of both! I love that area, my kids spent a lot of time at the Great Escape. When they were still young we lived in Rutland Vermont (an hour way) so it was the clsest park to us. It looks like there was lots of fun to be had!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! My 2 year old LOVES rides (even the ones I’m not so sure about). Sorry about your speeding ticket! I’m surprised they didn’t let you off the hook because I’m sure that’s pretty common!

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