5 Coolest Theme Park Family Vacation Destinations Outside the U.S.


Do you want to take your family on a fun adventure to a theme park? You don’t need to stay in the U.S. to have a fun-filled vacation at a theme park. Here are 5 of the coolest theme park family vacation destinations that are located outside of the U.S.

5 Coolest Theme Park Family Vacation Destinations Outside the U.S.


Europa-Park, Germany

If you want your family to have a fun time at a theme park, then you need to schedule your vacation at Europa-Park. This theme park is located in Germany and includes a large children’s area for the kids. If you have older kids, then you can enjoy a large variety of amusement rides located around the theme park.


Everland, South Korea

This fun amusement park located in South Korea is perfect for a family vacation. Not only does it feature rides and games, it also has a zoo area that your kids will love! You can also plan your trip to coincide with Everland’s entertainment options, including the Moonlight Parade or Madagascar LIVE.


Universal Studios, Japan

This cool theme park is perfect for any family vacation. At Universal Studios, Japan, you can experience the magic of your favorite movies and characters, all while getting to spend quality time with your family. Will you experience the magic of Universal Studios?

PortAventura Park, Spain

Don’t forget to stop by the PortAventura Park located in Spain! This park has it all, from fun amusement rides for the entire family to a beautiful aquatic park that your kids will love. If you want to have even more fun at this theme park, then be sure to check out the special events coming up.


Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea, Japan

Do your children love Disney characters? Then you need to take a trip to the Disney resort in Tokyo, Japan. This versatile resort has everything that makes a great family vacation, including fun rides and an amazing water area. Don’t forget to stop by the shopping center for all of y our favorite Disney souvenirs.

As you can see, the rest of the world has plenty of great options as far as cool theme parks go. The U.S. has far from cornered that market! So if half your family wants a vacation filled with cultural exploration of a new land and the other half wants thrill rides, you can choose one of these areas and do both!

Have you been to any of these cool theme parks for family vacations outside the US? Tell us about it in the comments!


25 thoughts on “5 Coolest Theme Park Family Vacation Destinations Outside the U.S.”

  1. Some of the parks in Europe are mind blowing…..I watched some clips of the massive roller coaster over there. Epic.

  2. I’d like to visit the one in Copenhagen too. I can’t remember what it’s called…. Tivoli Gardens, I think. :)

  3. I can only imagine that Universal Studios Japan will be 10 times more advances than the one in the states due to their expertise in Technology. Great list

  4. These look like amazing places to visit! I’m such a chicken to travel outside the US with all my kids. Maybe when the get older I’ll feel more comfortable with it? lol

  5. I have not been to any of those places but they all look amazing. I still have amazing memories from being little in Disney World in Florida! – Katy

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