5 Best Winter Family Vacations In The US


Dreaming of winter family vacations to get away from it all? It’s certainly getting to be that time of year!  The icy cold and frigid, bone chilling temps are settling in for a few months to come.  Are you thinking of taking the family someplace warm this year?  Do you take a vacation every year and maybe you’re looking for someplace new?  Here are five of the best places for winter family vacations in the US!

Winter Family Vacations in the US 


Arizona:  Nothing could be further from winter than spending some time in the desert.  Arizona has such a diverse landscape and climate believe it or not!  You can experience great skiing and snowboarding in the Northern part of the state in the mountains, or drive further South and take in the beauty of the desert.  With an average winter temperature ranging from 60 to 75 degrees daily with zero humidity, it is a great place to take the family.

 Some key places to visit are the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff in Northern Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa in the central part of the state, Tombstone and Tucson in the South, and Yuma and Lake Havasu in Western Arizona.


 Orlando, Florida: Yes, we mean Disney World and other surrounding theme parks.  A nice break from frigid winter days is a day spent in the magic of a Disney theme park.  Before you skip this post and move on because you think ‘I can’t afford to bring my family to Disney’, do some research.  Figure out the best option for your family.  You can stay at a resort, where you can purchase a package deal and your park tickets are included.  Another option is to stay off the grounds, at a smaller hotel or motel and purchase Park Hopper passes.

 These passes allow you to go from one park to another in the same day.  Plan out your vacation, decide how long you want to spend at each park, or maybe skip a park all together.  You can take your family Disney without using your kids’ college savings.  Don’t forget about the other surrounding parks as well such as Universal Studios and Sea World just to name a couple.


 Las Vegas, Nevada: For the family?  Yes, you can take the family to Vegas on a vacation.  The hotels are fabulous and you can get some great deals.  There are plenty of other things to do in Vegas that do not include gambling.  All of the hotels on the strip have great shopping and some unique stores.  The hotels themselves are fun to walk around and enjoy!

 The Luxor, for example, is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid.  The elevators actually move with the slant of the sides of the building, so when you are standing in them, you actually stand at an angle! (Fun for the kids to experience!)  There are roller coaster atop hotels and not to mention The Stratosphere hotel which boasts a ride sitting high up above all of Vegas and drops you at a high rate of speed, only to shoot you back up! 


Key West, Florida: Located at the tip of Florida’s peninsula, Key West boats a relaxed way of life.  Snorkeling, scuba diving, boat and jet ski rentals are just a few of the things you and your family can take advantage of while there.  The weather is beautiful in the winter months, allowing for shorts and tanks during the day and a long sleeve shirt in the evening (if you so choose).

You can also visit state parks, a butterfly museum and miles of beautiful sandy beaches and of course, the Southernmost Point in the US (a buoy marking the southernmost point in the continental US, with 90 miles to Cuba).  However you choose to spend your time while in Key West, you won’t be disappointed. 


US Virgin Islands:  If an island is calling your name but you don’t want to ‘leave the country’, the plan a family trip to the Virgin Islands.  You have a few to choose from, namely Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas.  Many hotels offer all inclusive packages so your rooms and meals are all paid for.  All you have to worry about while there is kicking back, relaxing, and watching your kids enjoy island life.

Travel with family creates such great memories.  Vacations away from the cold and frigid winter weather are a nice way to break up what can be long and dreary winters.  Have you traveled to some great places during the winter?

Ever planned something great for your family other than a typical tropical locale?  Post your winter family vacations hot spots below in the comments!  Share the love of winter travel!

11 thoughts on “5 Best Winter Family Vacations In The US”

  1. We visited Key West, Florida last year with the family and it was fantastic! So beautiful and plenty of family activities. We can’t wait to go back!

  2. Disney World is our favorite destination, but we also like the beach. I haven’t been to any of the other places. I’d love to see those amazing formations in Arizona!

  3. Disney in the Winter is great as long as school isn’t on break when you go. Make sure to pack long sleeves and maybe a sweatshirt or sweater for the evening because unlike most people envision it can get chilly there being inland and not near the beaches! There can be early morning frost there just ask the Orange Growers.

    Key West would be warmer for sure being further South and and Island. Growing up in Miami I only visited maybe a handful of times but my sister is on her way there right now. A bit jealous.

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