Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Your Family’s Health?

Knowing which type of vacuum cleaner is best for your family’s health can be challenging!

There are so many different types of vacuums on the market!

From bagless to bagged, cordless to wired, I often stand in the home cleaning department with a confused look on my face trying to decide on the right one! 

Knowing which type of vacuum cleaner is best for your family's health can be challenging! We’re sharing tips to help you decide on the perfect vacuum for your needs! Check it out!

Today, we have a special guest from Home Clean Expert to help us all decide! 

Let’s check it out! 

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Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Your Family’s Health?

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I know firsthand the havoc a dusty home can have on a person.

With my dust allergies, I get sore eyes as well as cough and sneeze up a storm! Not to mention my eldest son has asthma which can be triggered pretty bad. This led me on a quest (some might say an epic quest) to find the best kind of vacuum cleaner to make sure that there is as little dust kicked up in the air as possible.

Now, I am not here to do a sales pitch today, far from it.

Instead, I want to focus on the different things you need to look for in a vacuum cleaner so that you know which type of vacuum cleaner is best for your family’s health.

There are a ton of different vacuum designs, filters and much more, so knowing what one is best at not just cleaning your home, but making sure the air you breath is clean can be tough.

Look for A Vacuum with HEPA Filtration

If you are particularly sensitive to dust then without a doubt you want to keep an eye out for a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

In case you are wondering HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air… Filter.

What makes these better than a standard vacuum filter is that they filter out nearly 100 percent of all the little nastiness such as dust, mites and other things that cause your health problems. I am not exaggerating when I say 100 percent either as the actual number is 99.97 percent!

Many of the better vacuums that are on the market today will have a HEPA Filter and honestly, I would not purchase one that does not.

The amount of dust that will be floating around the air will be next to none. In case you are wondering if it is hard to find a vacuum that has this, it is not. I have yet to come across a vacuum be it a stick vacuum, cordless, corded or whatever that did not have HEPA Filter listed as one of its major features.

Go Cordless!

Look, there are plenty of great corded vacuum cleaners out there, some of which do have the HEPA Filter that I was just talking about.

For me though, you really need to go cordless if you want a vacuum that is not only going to clean but is also going to make sure you do not suffer any kind of health problems as a result of dust in the air or mold building up from stains and spills that you have not been able to vacuum properly.

With a cordless vacuum, you are able to get into all the nooks and crannies of your house.

I am talking about along the skirting board, under the sofas and beds, down the side of the sofa where the kids love to put food they do not want to eat. A cordless vacuum allows you to really get in to every area of the house, which in turn will not only make you smile as you have a clean house, you will also feel better as a clean house has less dust, mold and other irritants that can cause you and the rest of your family health problems.

Look for A Vacuum That Has Extras

I am not talking about a free Xbox or car!

But extras that let you clean extra deep and really get into those areas where only brave go. While a HEPA Filter should be the first thing I think you look for. Many cordless vacuums, especially stick designs, come with a range of extras that allow you to modify the vacuum.

You can use it as a hand vac, a vacuum to reach high areas and so on. Not all cordless vacuum cleaners have this ability, so be sure to look for those that do offer extras, tools are what they are commonly referred to as.

Pet tool is the major one that you want to keep an eye out for. We have pets and the pet tool works wonders at getting pet hair out of the sofa, out of the carpet and even from the hardwood floors.

You may think that these tools are just a fancy extra that causes the price of the vacuum to shoot up, but these extras can make all the difference. If a kid spills something down the back of the sofa for example, rather than letting it fester and turn into mold, you can use a crevice tool to clean it up.

Think About How to Empty the Vacuum

We used to have this old vacuum and each and every time I would empty it, I would get a face full of dust!

It was annoying, infuriating and it wreaked havoc on my allergies. Most vacuums these days make it as easy as possible to empty the waste into the garbage can. Some though still do it better than others. You want to look for one that does not require you to touch any of the mess you have vacuumed up at all.

Some have a button system and others have a lever.

The idea is that you press the button or pull the lever and the bottom of the canister will open, letting the mess drop straight into the garbage can! An extra pro tip I have for you here is to not let the canister get to full up.

I know you think this is easier and if you have a large canister that is what it is there for. But if you do have allergies or asthma, having as little dust and mess kicking up from the bottom of the garbage can is ideal.

Get A Robot Buddy

Robot vacuum cleaners have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years.

Pretty soon I am sure they will even be able to go and buy groceries and pick the kids up from school. While they will not completely replace a standard vacuum, a robot vacuum cleaner can come in real handy. You can set it to vacuum a room each day, this will really help keep the dust down to a minimum which will be great for your family’s health.

You can get great deals on robot vacuum cleaners these days and if you are looking for that extra bit of help to keep the house clean and free from dust and other allergens on a daily basis, a robot vacuum is the way to go.

Which type of vacuum cleaner do you have? What do you love about it? Tell us below! 




32 thoughts on “Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Your Family’s Health?”

  1. You don’t need anything special to get dust, hair, crumbs, or anything else off your wood, tile, or laminate floors. Just look for a model that lets you switch off the spinning brush roll, to avoid scattering debris or possibly damaging sensitive flooring. Our favorite cordless vacuum cleaner—for any purpose—is the Shark IONflex 2x Duo Clean , a reasonably priced, durable vacuum that works great on any surface.

  2. I have fairly severe pollen and dust allergies and love my Miele canister vacuum. I used to have a Dyson but got rid of it after I steam-cleaned my carpets (13 months after they were professionally cleaned) and what came out of them was black, chunky mud water. Since getting the Miele I’ve noticed much less dust around and my allergies are noticeably improved.

  3. It is hereditary to us having sensitive nose so it is the top consideration whenever we buy anything. It is very helpful that you enumerated the things to consider when you buy vacuum cleaner. I mean not everyone would take the effort to share this information so thank you!

  4. Marceline Dementori

    Nothing like a good vacuum that’s safe for everyone in the house. I think this is a great guide. We’re planning to get a new vacuum for the house, so this is timely.

  5. We just purchased a new vacuum cleaner and I am totally reading this too late. I unfortunately suffer from allergies, but I certainly can pass these on to someone else.

  6. We have pets, and seasonal allergies. I am overdue for getting a new vacuum, so I’ll have to use these tips for when I shop for our new vacuum – thanks!

  7. Gosh thank you for reminding me that I need to get with time and buy a vacuum cleaner that doesnt leave dust and all other things on my hands and face when disposing off the trash. How I empty the vaacuum cleaner will this time determine which one I buy. Thanks for the solid tips

  8. Oh wow!! These vacuum tips are great! I will have to buy a much healthier, and better vacuum for my family soon. Thank you for sharing

  9. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I like bagless with a filter and it has to have the attachments. I go along all my baseboards and in all the nooks and crannies.

  10. It’s really important that you get a vacuum that suits your lifestyle! I think these are pretty awesome suggestions.The one with the pet tool is perfect for us!

  11. I really need a new vacuum, and it’s been ages since we bought a new one. I’ll have to keep these features in mind, since things have changed a lot since we last looked into purchasing one.

  12. Heather Stone Brodbeck

    I never thought I would spend time researching vacuum cleaners but I did for weeks before buying our new one. I went from one that I thought was picking up everything to one that holy cow the suction on it is amazing! I now want a cordless one for quick and easy clean up.

  13. This is actually really great info. With so many different surfaces and households, the options can be overwhelming!

  14. I just got a new vacuum cleaner and was amazed at how much junk it picked up! I felt so much better after vacuuming!! I can breathe again!!

  15. Thank you for this awesome guide. I am in the market for a new vacuum but I am looking for something that I can adjust to use in rugs and in barefloor.

  16. There are so many vacuums out there now it can be really hard to know what to go for! We have a small robot and a bagless which does us OK but I do wonder if there are better options out there for us.

  17. I’m a big fan of vacuum’s with all the extra gadgets. We don’t have a cordless but we have no carpet in our house so I rarely use the one we have.

  18. We have several different vacuums, both push and canister. We don’t have a cordless, we talked about it but didn’t see a real need.

  19. I may sound a little obsessive when it comes to vacuums but I love a good vacuum. We have hardwood floors, kids with allergies and a short haired dog that sheds so our vacuums get a workout. Yes, vacuums with an “s”. I have about 4 not including the cordless ones and I love them all.

  20. I ike the vacuum we have. It isn’t cordless. My son has a robot and thinks it is wonderful and keeps telling me I should get one.

  21. I received a robot vacuum cleaner for Christmas but that thing had to go back. It was crazy and I didn’t like setting up roadblocks. I think I need to try a different brand. My current vacuum is a bagless and I love it.

  22. I think mine has a filter, but now I am not 100% sure. I need to go check. If not, I need to upgrade right away.

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