Use the Virtual Remodeler to Select the Correct Vinyl Siding for Your Home

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For over 40 years Royal Building Products has manufactured and distributed leading materials for home remodeling as well as the building and municipal construction markets. Their customers are loyal because of the company’s commitment to quality, innovation and their relationships with customers. They provide a variety of products, including siding, trim, soffit, rain ware, mouldings, decks, window profiles, patio doors and accessories.

Royal Building Products has a Virtual Remodeler tool on their website. I found it very helpful in helping me determine which vinyl siding to purchase. As with anything else, it is important that the vinyl siding you select is from a quality company like Royal Building Products, provides what you need and looks great on your home. The Virtual Remodeler tool is an excellent way to select what looks good on your house before you get stuck with something that you don’t like after all. With this tool, you do not have to envision what your home will look like, you can see it for yourself.


To use Royal Building Products Virtual Remodeler, all you have to do to use it is go to the tool on their website and select the house that most closely resembles yours. To get more specific results, you can even upload a photo of your own home. Then it will give you the option of selecting which items you are remodeling. The options are siding, windows or patio doors. Then it will give you even more options depending on the category you selecting. I chose siding, which gave me several types to choose from. I was able to even select which part of the house I was interested in. Once you select a part of the house, it will give you a variety of options. I am looking for vinyl siding, so siding is what I selected. Not only did it give me different siding options to “try out” on my home, I was even able to choose which color. I found that there were certain sidings that did not look right on my home, while others seemed ideal. I found the Virtual Remodeler to be very simple to use and the results loaded instantly. All I had to do was click my mouse button and that was it!


If you are looking to remodel your home or are looking to buy vinyl siding, I highly recommend using the Virtual Remodeler tool to help you decide what exterior features would look best. To learn more about the company, visit their website. You can also keep up-to-date on Royal Building Products by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter.
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5 thoughts on “Use the Virtual Remodeler to Select the Correct Vinyl Siding for Your Home”

  1. Wow, I had no idea that that was even an option for planning your exterior renovations! I would love to use something like this to see if my home could use some new siding. Lately, it has been looking dingy, and I want to change that.

  2. This is completely cool. We are going to be buying our first house in the next year, and this is something I would totally use for my home. I didn’t even know you COULD virtually look at other vinyl siding options.

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