5 Stylish Tips for Decorating Your House

2018 is fast approaching – so is it about time you gave your home a fresh look for the new year? Check out these 5 stylish tips for decorating your house!


2018 is fast approaching - so is it about time you gave your home a fresh look for the new year? Check out these 5 stylish tips for decorating your house!



A fresh look for your home can have profoundly positive effects on your mood, making your home a more pleasant place to spend your time. Redecorating can also be a great investment in your home; not only do renovations boost your home’s value, it may even mean you’re less likely to spend money going out or going away on vacation. After all, why spend time away from home if you’ve put serious effort into making it a great place to be?

And with just a couple of carefully-chosen adjustments, you can get the maximum return on your time and financial investment. Here’s how:

Stylish tips for decorating your house

1. Re-flooring

A light coloured stone like limestone or marble are both great choices for flooring for areas of your home that get a high level of foot traffic – like the living room or hall. In fact, any natural flooring material will create a look that’s balanced between luxurious and rustic. They’re also classic materials that have stood the test of time, so go natural instead of stylish non-traditional materials that will quickly start to date.

While hard stone or wood floors can be a little cold, it’s nothing a few well-placed rugs can’t fix. They’ll help the open spaces feel warmer and more homely – especially if you go with a “fashion neutral” feature rug. For a modern twist on a proven classic, why not opt for a Persian rug in custom teal?

2 Repainting

Never underestimate the power of a new paint job. Repainting your walls can transform a drab room into a comfortable yet exciting living space with a whole new lease of life. Go with a classic colour scheme with a balance between neutral and fashion neutral tints. For example, paint three walls with an off-white, then go with navy or slate grey for the fourth, creating a feature wall.

Fabric wall coverings can also be effective additions to bedrooms and living rooms. Leather and suede are great options – both are a classic choice of textile that won’t look dated.

3. New internal doors

Replacing flimsy softwood internal doors with a heavier-duty equivalent is a great way to give your home a classier look.

For the perfect balance of robustness and airiness, go for a heavy wood door with a bevelled glass inlay. The transparent or opaque glass will ensure your new door maximises the flow of light throughout your home, maximizing the effect of your new paint job.

4. Furniture refresh

Has your living room furniture seen better days? Nothing brightens up a living space like a new dresser couch, or TV unit. Whether you opt for a few well-chosen pieces or a whole new suite of furniture, go with classic colours, fabrics, and styles that will stand the test of time.


For a couch, for example, go with something sleek in a natural fabric – and make sure you choose a colour that won’t show up every stain and require constant cleaning (like white!)


5. Lighting

If you don’t want to splash out too much money on your renovations, the most cost-effective method of transforming the look and feel of your living space is through lighting. The key is to downlight, uplight and backlight. That is what’s collectively known as mood lighting and it will make bedrooms and living areas more comfortable places to spend time. For example, setting up some well-chosen backlighting behind a feature vase (even a cheaper one) will create a stunning effect.

Add a dimmer switch to control your main ceiling lights and your new lighting scheme will really steal the show in your home renovations.


Finishing touches

On sites like asseenontvstore.com, you can find what you need to add the final touches of class to your home. Vases, clocks, wall hangings, couch pillows – they all add the personal touch to the bare bones of your newly renovated home. And they will help your living spaces look like your space, rather than a page from a catalogue.

Another great addition is bespoke artwork from local up-and-coming artists. They are likely to be original pieces, so you won’t suffer from the “IKEA effect” that mass-produced prints can create. Plus, supporting local artists is a great statement to make on the walls of your home. And the best thing about art is it’s purely a matter of personal taste – so you can simply pick pieces that resonate with you and that fit with your home.


Do you have any favorite tips for making over your home? Share below!

22 thoughts on “5 Stylish Tips for Decorating Your House”

  1. Great ideas! But it seems you didn’t say anything about plants. Live plants are a great decoration option that is very budget-friendly. Plus, some plants are really good air purifiers. So, you can improve your home’s air quality by putting plants all over the house.

  2. Debbie White-Beattie

    You’ve got great ideas and advice. It’s so great to get hints from other people and then it helps to make your final decisions on your designs

  3. I love our home, but even after five years it’s not quite done. You’ve given me some areas to focus on. New inside doors would totally help!

  4. These are such great tips! I know that I need change, like once a year, I have to switch things up and add something small to the decor and feel like I have a stylish home again!

  5. Kelly Hutchinson

    These are such great tips to decorate your home. We are buying our first home soon, so this information will be so helpful!

  6. I recently repainted a couple of rooms in the house, including the kitchen. I love changing things up a bit. This year we’re working on the exterior, anyway, great tips!

  7. These are great tips! I know just switching out a few of our doors really made our house look better. I will have to check out the as seen on tv store. I need some new décor pieces.

  8. I have friends who put glass French doors on their bedroom interior doors and it made such a cool difference. we could use some new living room furniture.

  9. Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    I would like to adapt the minimalist lifestyle but I guess that would come into place after the children are all done with school. If I would redo my home or do a make over, I’d make more room by discarding the bulky furniture and replacing them with lighter and more functional furniture.

  10. We put down a new kitchen floor this past summer and it was exactly what we needed to refresh that space – the space we are in the most.

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