Five Ways to Welcome Spring in Your Home Decor


The harsh winter is coming to an end! Time to welcome warmer weather and sunshine back into your life! We have some great spring home decor ideas that will do just that without busting your budget! Check out these easy ideas for setting up a welcome wagon for Spring in your very own home.

Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Change Your Curtains and Accessories


Change out the seasons in your home by changing your curtains and other accessories. Put away the dark curtains, rugs, table cloths, throws, and throw pillows and put brightly-colored accessories in their place. Look for light pastels, bright colors, florals, and other prints and colors that make you think of warm weather. We love the Better Home and Gardens Blue Vine Leaf Curtains above!

Rearrange Your Furniture


Sometimes a little rearrangement is just enough to give you a fresh, new outlook. Move the furniture around in your living room or other rooms to give you a new taste for Spring. Try out a few different arrangements to see what works best for that fresh, new look. Coupled with some Spring-like curtains, throws, pillows (make your own with our easy repurposed towel pillow tutorial), and rugs, you can give your home a total makeover with little to no cost as you welcome this new season of warmth and renewal.

Add Floral Arrangements to Your Home Decor


If you think Spring, you have to think flowers. Spring is the time of newness and blooms and flowers are a sign that Spring is really here. Add some floral arrangements to your home decor to welcome this new season. Whether you choose fresh flowers or you opt for longer-lasting silk flower arrangements, the key is color and the look of new life. Use a few pretty vases or pots and place the flower arrangements all over your home for a welcoming look that you will love.

Use Fresh-Scented Candles


Ahh, the smell of freshness in the air! That is one thing that can’t be beat when it comes to Spring. Bring that scent indoors with some fresh-scented candles. Look for floral scents like freesia, lavender, lilac, hibiscus or opt for candles that feature fresh scents like linen, rainfall, or others that make you think Spring.

Raise Your Blinds

You’ve added some colorful accessories around your home, rearranged your furniture, brought in some bright flowers and started burning candles that make you feel like Spring has sprung, now it’s time to shed some light on the subject!

During the long, dark Winter you have probably kept your blinds closed to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. It’s time to welcome Spring completely with some sunshine and daylight! Throw up your blinds, put your shades up, and let the sun shine into your home.


Give Spring a great big welcome in your home decor with one or all of these ideas. After the winter has passed, it’s time to pull out all the stops and let Spring know that in your home at least, Winter is over and Spring has a place to settle in.

 What are your favorite ideas for incorporating spring home decor into your house without spending a fortune? Tell us in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Five Ways to Welcome Spring in Your Home Decor”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    It does my disposition good to brighten up my home in the springtime. I can’t say that I know of anyone who has their blinds closed during the cold, cold winter months. I certainly don’t at least half are open to let in the light.

  2. These are all wonderful ideas! I like to burn candles with fresh spring scents. I find it also lifts my mood.

  3. Never thought about switching out curtains for the different seasons but that is actually a good idea, now you have me thinking!

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