How to Pick Out the Perfect Cucumber


Are you a big fan of those crunchy green favorites of summer — the cucumber? Whether you are picking your own homegrown cukes or buying from the local grocery store or farmer’s market, it never hurts to have a few pointers to help you pick out the perfect cucumber. Check out these tips before you go shopping for those cucumbers again.

How to Pick the Perfect Cucumber

Why Cucumbers? 

Cucumbers are great for a healthy diet. They are excellent sources for vitamins A, B, and C. One cucumber also contains all the folic acid, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and zinc that your body needs in one day.

They also have a high water content so they are wonderful for staying hydrated during those hot days of summer. Cucumbers are a great snack by themselves, with some dip, or as part of a crispy, crunchy salad. Cucumbers are a perfect choice for a snack that will help you keep from binge eating.

Cucumbers are also good for some beauty help. Are your eyes puffy? Slice a couple of pieces from a cucumber and keep them on your eyes to help reduce the inflammation.

If you want to improve the look of wrinkles and cellulite on your skin rub a cut cucumber on the areas. Cucumbers contain a phytochemical that can cause the collagen in your skin to tighten up. The result? Better looking skin and a noticeable reduction in cellulite and wrinkles.

What to Look For in the Perfect Cucumber

When choosing cucumbers, look for a medium green or dark green color, no matter the size. The color should be even all over, not splotchy or mottled.

Feel of the cucumber to make sure it is firm and doesn’t feel spongy. It should not bend in any way and should be firm throughout. You want to look for cucumbers that have rounded ends.

What to Look For in the Perfect Cucumber

When you look it over, make sure there are also no wrinkles that could mean the cucumber is old and past its freshest period.

Avoid any cucumbers that have blemishes or soft spots. You also don’t want a cucumber that is yellowed.

Look for Smaller Cucumbers. The smaller cucumbers container fewer seeds and the seeds are generally very tiny. For eating in salads or alone, you definitely want as few seeds as possible. Smaller cukes are also crisper.

In case you didn’t already love cucumbers, knowing that they provide plenty of vitamins and nutrients is a great reason to add these beauties to your diet. These delicious green veggies are perfect for more than just eating — they are good for your skin. Knowing a little about how to pick out the perfect cucumber can ensure that your next shopping trip will result in some great cukes to enjoy and make use of.

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  1. I love cucumbers and add them to my salads quite often. When I was growing up, they served cucumber sandwiches at my school. I tried making it years later and it didn’t taste the same. ;-)

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