Rubbermaid Value Pack Glass set Review

This review is written by Candace: a mom of 2 wonderful children. Let’s find out how she used the Rubbermaid Value Pack Glass set.

Today I received the Rubbermaid Value Pack glass set containing easy-to-find lids. The set includes: 1 1-cup (236 ml) container, 1 2.5-cup, (591 ml) container and 1 4-cup (946 ml) container.

Some interesting facts about this value pack glass:

  • Oven-safe up to 425 degrees: It will be great for casseroles!

  • The Flex & Seal™ leak-proof lid that won’t tear or break: Perfect for children and even adults!!

  • Square-shaped to maximize space

  • Superior stain and odor resistance

Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids containers come in seven different sizes ranging from one cup (236 mL) to 11.5 cups (2.7 L). Retail prices range from $5.69 to $15.99 for individual containers, and $29.99 for an eight-piece set. The new line can be found at Walmart, Loblaws, Real Canadian Super Store and London Drugs. (Source Rubbermaid)

 My Review of this Value Pack Glass set

The packaging was attractive and the three containers fit inside one another perfectly.  This is important to me, as I never seem to have enough storage space.  Well done Rubbermaid this will fit easily on my shelf.  I immediately washed them in the dishwasher, and wiped out the lids.  These lids are sturdy and I expect they will hold up well. They are easy to use they do not have to be “fitted” the way other storage container lids have to be.  The grey plastic in the cover did snap out, however, but luckily it snapped back in easily.


How I used the Rubbermaid Value Pack Glass Set

Day One:  I stored some leftover peaches (from a can) in the small 1-cup container, and I used the 4-cup to heat leftover rice and chicken.  The glass container was hot when I first took it out of the microwave, but after I let it cool down for a few minutes I was able to eat my lunch right out of the glass container.  I rinsed it off in the sink and tossed it in the dishwasher.  I used the 2.5-cup container to store the Alfredo Penne that my children had for dinner.  After dinner I let my 6 year-old son place the lid on the container because it was easy for him, which made it easier for.


Day Two: In the morning I found my 4-year old daughter at the dining room table eating peaches directly out the 1-cup container. She figured out how to remove the lid herself.  The 2.5-cup container was quickly washed and then used to store a fresh salsa that I prepared for tonight’s Fajita dinner.  The 4-cup container was used to marinate the chicken for dinner.


Day Three:  My son had to resort to eating his morning Cheerios out of the 1-cup container, since all the clean bowls were in the dishwasher.  We call that one First Breakfast.  The 2.5-cup container is sitting in my fridge with leftover chicken from last night’s dinner.  The 4-cup will be used for the chicken salad that I will be making from the leftover chicken.  I just have to add some rosemary, salt, pepper, paprika, mustard seeds and apples.



I really enjoyed my three days of Rubbermaid Value Pack Glass Set. The quality of the product has definitely improved over the years. The design is attractive and practical, and it is versatile.  Not only does it stacks well in my cabinet, but my children are able to use it without opening a vortex of chaos…and that is a good thing.

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Disclosure: OurFamilyWorld received a set free of charge for the purpose of the review. All opinions are ours!

5 thoughts on “Rubbermaid Value Pack Glass set Review”

  1. Hmmm, looks interesting. I’m a Tupperware fan myself and actually have a huge stash, but I like the way that these containers fit together (storage is always good, as you say). I’ve never actually used glass containers, other than for cooking.

  2. I love rubbermaid! I have yet to try these, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I’ll have to check my local Walmart to see if they carry these. I love that they fit in each other so there’s still more room for your other containers.

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