Rubbermaid Bathroom Cleaning Tools: No more frustration

House chores are not my favorite activities. I am sure they are not for you too… or maybe they are!! But as my mom says: it is a necessary evil!  I don’t want to live in a dirty home! I want it clean, sparkling and good smelling! I want to get the chores done in the easiest and quickest way possible! One of my least favorite house chore is the bathroom cleaning. I find it  hard to reach places and balance spraying chemicals and wiping at the same time. It is even harder for me as I am not a tall person! But with the holiday coming, guest visits, I need the bathroom to be sparkling. Luckily I was provided with the Rubbermaid Bathroom Cleaning Tools.

Rubbermaid Bathroom Cleaning Tools: A solution for every frustration

I tried these Rubbermaid Bathroom tools for over two weeks. I can’t decide which one is my favorite because I like them all! What I like most about it is that even my son can handle them! Yes, my kids help me in the house cleaning. I try to make it as a fun family activity! If they help mom, then mom can play with you! so they help me. They are not always eager to but do it!

Spraying Scrubber $12,99

This made my life easier as I can fill the tank, squeeze and scrub! The tank holds 4 ounces of cleaning products which allows to clean most bathroom twice!  The opening is wide enough to avoid any spills and waste of cleaning products. It works with switchable pads, depending on the purpose of the cleaning. I used for the floor cleaning and under the toilet bowl. This area is usually hard to reach.


Handheld 2-in-1 Scrubber $9,99
It is an all-purpose scrub brush with an embedded detail brush. The detail brush is perfect for small areas. I used it for the faucets. I used it to clean that stuck toothpaste or soap. It works perfectly. I like the embedded feature of the detail brush: I will not lose it.


Extendable Scrubber $14,99

This was a perfect tool for me as the pole extends from 24 to 40 inches. I could finally clean that bathroom shower. I didn’t do it in years..YIKES..I couldn’t reach it without risking an injury! It works with switchable pads too.


Flexible Scrub Brush ($9.99)

It is an all purpose scrub brush that flexes to reach hard-to-access areas, such as the curves and contours of the tub or sink! It has a rubberized inset for great grip.


Switchable Pads $ 4,99

  • Each pad fits three different Rubbermaid scrubbers. It is easy to add and remove!
  • Sponge: The all-surface cleaning/wiping pad
  • Bristle Brush: Great for heavy-duty scrubbing
  • Disposable Pad: Sold in packs of six and a must-have for messy, “clean and toss” jobs
  • Scouring Pad: Perfect for all-surface scrubbing


All those Rubbermaid Bathroom cleaning tools made my life easier, bathroom sparkling!  Which one do you prefer?

Where to buy:

  • Available at The Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Home Hardware stores and Rubbermaid. They are also available on Amazon! And you know what? Amazon is available at Ebates. You can buy them through Ebates a! Isn’t that a clean deal?


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  1. I can never get enough good deals and bargains, especially on household items and groceries, so those would be my top choice!

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