3 Outdoor Furniture We Love

Summer is about being outdoors all the time! We swim, go for bike rides and have fun in our backyard! We sometimes organize picnics and great BBQ parties. Organizing your backyard in a nice way will cut your need to go out and spend lots of money! It is a great way to save money during the summer.To enjoy your backyard to the fullest you need to have great outdoor furniture. Unfortunately,they can be very expensive. Each year, we buy a piece or two of those outdoor furniture when they are on sale!

I am in total love with Strathwood Falkner patio sets. They are not very expensive and can last for few years.

Strathwood Falkner outdoor furniture

You can buy each item seperately or you can buy all the set. It is nicer if you can afford all the set all at once. Your backyard will look stylish and well-organized.

1- Strathwood Falkner Lounge Deep Seat Arm Chair, Set of 2


Comfortable chairs that have a great weight: not too heavy for my little hands! They come with all-weather cushions with fabric ties to secure to frame. Strathwood Falkner Lounge Deep Seat Arm Chair, Set of 2 are on sale for $329 compared to $600.

2- Strathwood Falkner Deep Lounge Sofa





Strathwood Falkner 2-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa is a very comfortable outdoor furniture. It is perfect when you have people over! It is so relaxing! The white color will not fade in the sun. It is sold for $359.99 compared to $550.

3- Strathwood Falkner/Grand Isle Lounge Coffee Table

This outdoor furniture set is perfectly accompagnied with Strathwood Falkner/Grand Isle Lounge Coffee Table. It measures 45 inches wide by 25 inches deep by 16-1/2 inches high; weighs 23.2 pounds. It is a lightwise outdoor furniture that perfectly coordinate the sofa and the chairs. It is nicely made and well designed. It will add a chic note to your patio furniture and outdoor parties. It is sold for an affordable price of $139.99 compared to its regular $220.

What’s your favorite outdoor furniture?

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