Grow a Healthy Garden with Scott’s Gro-Ables

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About two weeks ago, I told you a bit about how Scott’s Gro-ables make gardening easy even for novices. A couple of days after that, I received my Gro-ables in the mail and got to try them out for myself! I cannot believe how easy they are to use.


So easy, even I can grow a healthy garden!

If you’ll recall, I mentioned how I’m very challenged when it comes to keeping plants alive. I’ve always wanted to grow a gorgeous, healthy garden filled with herbs and vegetables. Remember, I want to try to figure out how to make my grandmother’s secret spaghetti sauce recipe! If I can’t replicate it, I’d be happy with creating my own version. I really want to use fresh herbs and spices in my recipe.


I received a Basil, Dill and Spinach Gro-Ables pods to get me started on my dream garden. I’m planning to add a few more to the mix. I’d love to make a Soups On garden! I would especially love to grow sweet corn and potatoes. I honestly had no idea you could grow them in your own garden. I thought you had to be a farmer with a huge expanse of land to grow them. Shows how much I know!

Let me tell you how insanely easy it is to grow your own healthy garden with Gro-Ables. When my pod arrived, I ran out to the store to grab some Miracle Grow potting mix. Since it’s still quite chilly here at night, I didn’t want to risk planting directly in the ground yet. I’m starting my garden in pots, then I’ll transplant them when it’s nicer out.


All I had to do was put the soil in the pot, but the Gro-Ables pod in the soil and water. That’s pretty much it! It’s too soon for them to sprout, but when they do I’ll show you a picture! I can’t wait, I’m watching them as if they were my babies. I really want to succeed at this. Gro-Ables made it as easy as humanly possible to create a great garden, so I feel like if I don’t pull it off, I should be banned from ever going near another plant again. I think I’ll do great though!

Take a look at the video to see how easy it is to grow a healthy garden with Gro-Ables:

Keep in mind that Gro-Ables pods are only about $1.50-$1.80 each, so you could grow a huge garden and save a fortune at the grocery store! What recipe would you make if you grew your own garden? What is the first thing you would plant?

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8 thoughts on “Grow a Healthy Garden with Scott’s Gro-Ables”

  1. I would like to try “Cherry Tomato Seed Pod”. I have a Flower garden, that they all seem to grow at a different pace. maybe “scotts gro-ables” would wake them up!! ;)

  2. I love this because it’s so easy! Container gardening can be really rewarding without being a lot of work. Even easier when you just stick a pod in the ground!

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