Deep Clean Your Carpets Like a Pro with Rug Doctor! #RugDoctorDifference

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When you have kids and pets, things are bound to get a little messy. It’s just a fact of life. Add carpets to the mix and the fun really begins!  No matter how often you vacuum, tell your family to take their shoes off at the door or try to wipe your dog’s paws before they come in from the rain, those carpets are going to get messy. In the summertime, it’s even worse! All the rain makes for some very muddy situations!  What’s a mom to do when she wants to get those carpets smelling super fresh again? Bring in the doctor, of course! The Rug Doctor , of course!

My Messy Life with Carpets

Once upon a time, I lived in a house without carpets. It was all hardwood floors and tile as far as the eye could see. We had a few inexpensive area rugs that we spot-cleaned, and when they got really nasty, we just replaced them.

Then, a few years ago, we moved into a house with wall-to-wall carpeting. The only rooms without carpets are the bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen/dining area.  While I kind of love the feeling of waking up and stepping onto a plush, warm carpet, I don’t love all the extra cleaning that comes with living in a fully carpeted home!


See, I don’t just have pets, I have pets! BIG dogs, crazy cats, and two guinea pigs who, although they live in a large habitat in my son’s room, make more of a mess than the dogs and cats combined sometimes! Then there’s my son. Oh, my son! My darling tween boy, who can spend hours cleaning his room one day and still have it look like Time Square the morning after New Year’s Eve the next.

Make Your Own House Call with Rug Doctor

We have a carpet shampooer for small jobs that we break out about once every other week. They work pretty well, but they’re not really meant for deep cleaning. When I want to get my carpets super clean- like before we have company or a big family party- I head to my nearest Rug Doctor rental place. Rug Doctor has over 40,000 locations, so I bet there’s one close to you.


One of the things I really love about the Rug Doctor, aside from the convenience of renting one: it’s such a versatile cleaning system. I usually rent one because I want to deep clean my carpets, but while I have it, I can also clean the upholstery on my furniture. I can even clean my mattresses with it!

The best part? I’m getting a professional-grade deep clean at just a fraction of the cost and without inviting strangers into my house. It’s much easier for me to afford $29.99 to rent Rug Doctor versus paying up to $200 or more for a professional.


Besides, why would I want to pay someone else to do something that only takes about 20 minutes per room? I’m not on anyone else’s schedule, either. I can clean when I want to, not when a professional can squeeze me in. I don’t have to deal with any annoying sales pitches, either. When I’m done, I just return the Rug Doctor to the rental place.


Just look at all the dirt it picks up! You never realize how messy your carpets are until you do a deep cleaning. The machines have a powerful 1.9-horsepower vacuum motors, so it really gives you that deep down clean. What a great feeling to know that my house is clean and fresh now.


One tip: make sure you use the Rug Doctor cleaning solutions with it. Aside from the fact that they were designed to work with the machine, they were already tested and found safe for kids and pets. That’s super important to me. I use the Spot Cleaner around the house to treat stains,  followed by the Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner in the machine. If you have pets prone to having accidents, try the Platinum Urine Eliminator Spray. Both of the sprays work great for treating spots in between cleanings too.

Need more convincing before you make your own house call? How about this: a whopping 98% of customers are happy with their Rug Doctor experience! I’m definitely one of them! Plus, the machines have a Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute. Experience the joy of a deeply cleaned home for yourself. Visit Rug Doctor and find a rental location near you !

Have you ever used Rug Doctor before? What do you love about it? Share in the comments!

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30 thoughts on “Deep Clean Your Carpets Like a Pro with Rug Doctor! #RugDoctorDifference”

  1. I own a hoover because we have 4 pets and it is best thing ever. I have always had my own carpet cleaner because of having pets. I suggest anyone with pets or kids keep a carpet cleaner on hand to keep their carpets clean and refreshed.

  2. I’ve heard great things about Rug Doctor! I like carpeting, but this is exactly why I love wood floors more haha!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is awesome! We definitely need that in our house. I can’t tell you how many times the kids have spilled staining juice or other random stuff that just won’t get out. This looks like it will do the trick.

  4. Being a mom of 2 kids, I know how much mess I had to face every day with the carpets at home. The Rug Doctor sounds like an amazing solution and I love how easy it is to use.

  5. I really need to rent a rug doctor to clean my area rug — not because of my dog, but because of my kids.

  6. I have two cats and three kids. My carpets are perpetually dirty. We have tried a carpet cleaning service before but never rented one. It seems like a good plan to try though.

  7. I love the Rug Doctor!! I rent one about once a month to just deep clean my floors. With 2 kids and a rottweiler, my floors need all they help they can get.

  8. I have used Rug Doctor, and it is so much more convenient and cheaper than calling out a professional. I could really use it again some time soon.

  9. We have hardwood floors at home so I don’t really know much about cleaning carpets but I can imagine it’s a little more challenging. It’s good to know that you have this to rely on!

  10. We haven’t needed a carpet cleaner as it’s not common here to have whole rooms carpeted. I had no idea that you could use Rug Doctor also to clean the upholstery and mattresses. It’s great that one machine covers all these aspects.

  11. We are so lucky we don’t have carpets in our house. Only some throw rugs in our living room to make it a bit more cozy. I love carpet cleaning them though, its gross what comes up!

  12. The Rug Dr is fantastic. When we use it in the past, my favorite part was seeing how dirty the water was. It was my way of seeing how clean the carpet now was.

  13. In our new house we do not have any carpeting, but the house with me that is in the house before that we use the Rug Doctor all the time. They clean so well.

  14. We love Rug Doctor. We used to rent one four or five times a year to deep clean the thick 70s carpet in our house. It worked like a charm.

  15. I have two pets and they shed. I think it’s a great idea to use Rug Doctor. They must work great. Thanks for sharing.

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