Turn Your Home into a Stunning Winter Wonderland

Turn your home into a stunning winter wonderland with these gorgeous winter home decor and organization ideas!

If you are like us, changing up things in your home means that with season changing you need new Winter Home Decor Ideas.  Most of us can’t totally remodel our home for the season, but we can do some simple things to add a bit more of a festive theme to our home.  With simple additions to your home, you can create a beautiful winter home decor you will love.


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Add Fresh Outdoor Elements:  Nothing screams winter like a few pieces of garland, ivy, cedar or holly.  Not only are they fragrant and smell like winter, they will add that rustic outdoor appeal you are looking for.  Not into having natural items in the house?  There are ton of fake options that look like they are real in branches, garlands and more.


Frosted Glass:  Whether it is on your actual windows or simply on some beautiful jars or vases you can use for holding beautiful glass rocks or sand and tealight candles.  A few pretty frosted glass jars or vases filled with other winter or holiday elements can make your holiday dinner table or mantle look beautiful.

Winter Signs:  We love great sayings and quotes added into our winter home decor.  Places like Etsy, eBay or local craft fairs often have the best unique hand made signs that add that fun rustic homemade appeal you are looking for.  Look for pieces that can carry throughout the holiday season. Pieces focusing on snow, winter weather and cooler temperatures instead of just looking at the holiday themes are great.


Candles:  Nothing brings about the holiday theme quite like some wonderful candles.  We love the scents of winter, elderberry, mulberry, pine, cinnamon, apple spice and pumpkin.  Arrange on your mantle, on end tables and even on kitchen counters.  Burn candles all the time to make your home not only look like winter, but smell like winter.  Even if it is warm and sunny outside, walking into a home that smells like winter does will take you to that cool place with snow in the air.

This year it doesn’t have to be hard to incorporate these basic winter home decor ideas.  A few simple items, great arranging and an eye for detail can turn your simple home into a winter wonderland.  Don’t be afraid to hang garland, stems and berries along the top of your cabinets and doorways, and for the ultimate winter home decor hang some fresh mistletoe in your doorways for impromptu kisses throughout the season.

What are your favorite winter home decor ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I LOVE those frosted glass vases! So pretty! I tend to lean toward silver and gold when it comes to Christmas decorations. Everyone else likes lots of colors, though, so I usually give in. :(

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