How To Pick A Budget Friendly Office Chair When You Have Back Pain

Have a better workday and pick an office chair that helps reduce your back pain. Use our tips and check out our budget-friendly picks

If you have a bad back, raise your hand? Seriously it seems everyone I know complains of back pain these days from long days in office chairs and, of course, old sports injuries. It makes for a better story if your past back injury happened when you were playing rugby and the other team hit you hard. My bad back comes from an old yoga injury in college where I stretched and pulled the muscle away from the bone. Don’t laugh, it’s really a thing, I was laid up for two weeks! My back pain now couldn’t possibly come from being a writer and spending hours each week sitting in front of a computer.

If you also spend a lot of time in an office chair and have back pain, consider upgrading your chair. A supportive chair can make all the difference so that you can be more productive throughout the day. You also will be in better shape when you get home, and did I mention the dishes will also magically wash themselves from dinner? Kidding, but you will be in less pain as you finish the dishes.

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What To Look For In An Office Chair That Reduces Back Pain

Support, support, support! The words “lumbar support” should become your new favorite term. This means that the small of your back is fully supported upright and that there is an extra cushion or a firm support right in the small of your back where the disks in your back are most likely to compress, which causes lower back pain. You also want to look for an ergonomic chair that encourages you to sit upright. Adjustments on the chair are also important so you can adjust the height and the back to fit your body. If  you are pregnant or just want more cushion, consider adding a pregnancy pillow to your office chair. I’ve included a few budget-friendly picks for chairs that I know you are going to love.

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Top Office Chair Picks For Back Pain


Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt ChairAThe Alera is my top choice. The ergonomic design ensures you sit up straight to help reduce pain. The cushion is designed with a tilt on the edge to take the pressure off your legs and in turn relieves pressure on your back. This chair has a breathable design and is fully adjustable.


SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid This chair is a firm and ergonomically supportive chair that will help you reduce your back pain. Support is key for avoiding pain and this chair does an excellent job of being supportive and breathable. You also have full; control of the height, tilt and tilt tension to customize this chair for comfort. This chair is no a super cushy chair but will help reduce back pain with regular use.

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Ergonomic Leather Office Executive Chair Computer Hydraulic O4 Most ergonomic chairs tend not to have a lot of cushion in favor of more back support that encourages you to sit correctly. If you are looking for a chair with a little cushion that is also supportive then this chair is a nice marriage of features. You will also be able to adjust the height and the tilt so the chair fits your body comfortably. You can pick up this chair in black, brown or white.

What types of features do you look for when you buy an office chair? Tell me in the comments!

16 thoughts on “How To Pick A Budget Friendly Office Chair When You Have Back Pain”

  1. Avoiding a ‘C’ curve is my first priority while choosing a chair for my workstation. The chair should have an adjustable height and a firm back to maintain a straight posture. I also prefer mesh chairs as they are breathable and cool….and the most important thing is that the chair should be within my budget while satisfying the above features!

  2. I own a mesh chair but the back rest is kinda different with the one you’ve posted and I must say so far it’s uncomfortable for my back. Might as well buy a new one next year. Thanks for this post, very helpful, Happy Holidays!

  3. It is very important to have a proper chair to sit especially when you’re working long hours. I love the executive chair. I always choose that one when I am in the office.

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