Get Your Outdoor Entertaining Gear Organized in a Flash

Spending time outdoors as a family is a great way to stay fit and get some fresh air! Check out these tips for organizing your outdoor entertaining gear!


Find yourself needing some organization? Organizing outdoor entertaining gear is a great way to get more organized, and keep your belongings in tip top shape! Following these tips for organizing outdoor entertaining gear can help quite a bit and the products here can be extremely beneficial for your organized stash of outdoor goodies!

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Tips for Organizing Outdoor Entertaining Gear

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First, start by enlisting the help of your family members. Having them all claim what is theirs can make the organizing outdoor entertaining gear go a lot smoother because you won’t have to stop what you’re doing trying to recall what belongs to who. Each person can grab their stuff with ease, making the initial organization go much smoother.

Next, start a donation pile. It’s important to keep organized, and having old items around that you won’t use certainly won’t help. Get rid of outdoor gear that doesn’t fit anymore, isn’t used anymore, and just takes up space. Donating is a great way to organize your stuff but also counts as a tax deduction. Also, if you’re considering updating your outdoor entertaining gear, maybe update while you’re organizing so you can donate or sell your old gear and then organize the new outdoor gear!

If you find organizing outdoor entertaining gear to be stressful, it might be time to get rid of quite a bit and host a yard sale. Having a yard sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted items but make a little money back on them. By saving up some money from your yard sale, you can find some great products to help with organizing outdoor entertaining gear.

YardStash outdoor enteraining gear organizer

This Yardstash Outdoor Storage is great for storing bikes, gardening equipment, and pool treatment and accessories. It’s great for if you need to store any of your outdoor entertaining gear outside, keeping it safe from weather conditions that might potentially damage your outdoor gear.

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Another way to start organizing outdoor entertaining gear is by using a tower rack like this one. This will allow you to organize taller skinny objects together and neatly. It can be great for outdoor entertaining gear like tiki torches, brooms you use for cleaning up the area, and more!

Organizing your outdoor entertaining gear is important so you can ensure that your outdoor gear isn’t being damaged. Keeping it in a nice storage area, neatly placed is crucial to keeping it in great condition!

How do you store your outdoor entertaining gear? Tell us in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Get Your Outdoor Entertaining Gear Organized in a Flash”

  1. I like the Yardstash Outdoor Storage “tent”. We have limited space in our garage and often need to leave something out. It would certainly solve that issue.

  2. This is the first time I have seen the Yardstash Outdoor Storage tent, I am thinking that this would come in handy for camping too.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I like the idea of the bike tent but feel it wouldn’t be very secure (we recently had thieves break into most of the cars left outside on our street!). I love the Rubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with casters and it holds 40 tools, that’s a lot of tools and would be ideal for us.

  4. These look like really great solutions. I’ve been looking up organization tips on Pinterest because I swear this is the Spring that I get organized. I’ll have to add the Yardstash Outdoor Storage to my list of items to check out!

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