7 Organizing Hacks to Bust through Clutter & Stress

Zap stress and declutter your life with these 7 super easy organizing hacks to reduce all the junk in your life! Check them out!

Clutter got you stressed out? You definitely need the organizing hacks that help you get organized! Clutter can distract you and weigh you down; it causes chaos in your life. Here are some tips to help you declutter your life and get rid of any unnecessary stress.

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Decluttering Hacks to Help Reduce Stress

Your Work Area

If you want to be more productive and focused at work getting the clutter out of your work area can benefit you greatly.

  • Clear out any piles of papers and place them in drawers or folders. If you want, try organizing them to find the most important and the not relevant.
  • Clean and wipe down your desk or table to make it clean and fresh.

All you want on your desk are all the important things like your phone, maybe a computer, and any decorative things that make you calm.

Your Computer

To help you not stress over your computer and how it is not working right for you try getting rid of files or programs you do not need. Get rid of most or all icons on your desktop because they slow down your computer.

Your Home

Home is where most of your time is spent and stressing over work things only to come home and stress about your home is not fun at all.

  • In rooms with clutter try throwing out or donating unused items to make room. Try organizing your items into drawers, cabinets, or closets by doing this it keeps them out of sight and is beneficial to you.
  • Going through your closet and getting rid of unused clothes can help you not worry about what to wear and what fits.

Your Life

Often our lives are too cluttered with things you do or need to do so try reducing your commitments.

  • Decide what you want to keep doing and what is not important enough to keep doing, like for example any hobbies you do.
  • Also, try reconsidering your routines like for example, chores and daily routines. Having a new routine brings a new sense of calm and order to your stressful life.

Follow these organizing hacks to declutter your life and you’ll bust through all that stress in no time! You’ll feel such a weight lifted off your shoulders when your home is clean and pulled together. For more great organizing hacks, check out our tips on saving time with rubber band hacks or how to save your damaged clothes!

Do you have any favorite decluttering organizing hacks? Share them in the comments!


12 thoughts on “7 Organizing Hacks to Bust through Clutter & Stress”

  1. This past weekend my hubby helped an elderly neighbour clean her garage. There was over 40 years of stuff that just go thrown in there. He came home and said, WE ARE NOT ever going to let our garage get that bad. (all he keeps in there is the lawn mower and some yard tools)

  2. I think the best tip I could give for decluttering is to do a little bit each day and don’t wait until it piles up and is too overwhelming! If we all did that there would be no more clutter! I like these tips!

  3. An easy way to decide what to get rid of in your closet is to turn all of the hangers backward so that the hook is facing you, instead of away from you. Once you take something out to wear it, turn the hanger back around to the correct position when you put the item away. After a few weeks, you will easily be able to see what you actually wear as opposed to what is just taking up space!

  4. These are some good ideas for getting started decluttering and encouraging stress-free spaces. We love helping people declutter and organize their recipe collections (getting rid of all those papers flying around the kitchen) at Dish Dish.

  5. I’m decluttering now and It’s definitely not my strong suit. You gotta do it to get better at it I guess. I need all of these tips and more. Thank you!

  6. There is so much of a benefit to just getting rid of things! I find that out over and over! I wonder if there will ever be a moment when I feel like I’ve gotten rid of “enough”!!

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