7 Money-Saving Hacks to Save Your Damaged Clothes

My favorite organizing hacks are the type that don't just save me money but also save some of my favorite things, like damaged clothes! Check out 7 great ways to save that beloved sweater or comfy pair of jeans from the It’s hard enough to find clothes I love. To see them ruined within five minutes because of something so silly, like a little slip of the hand while drinking my coffee, well, that just makes me crazy! So I’ve armed myself with a few great organization hacks for damaged clothes, that way I don’t have to kiss my favorite sweater goodbye because of one tiny accident. Check them out and save your shirt!

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Organizing Hacks: Save Your Damaged Clothes

Freeze your sweaters

Yes, you read that right. By placing your sweaters in a plastic bag, then freeze overnight, this will stop your sweaters from shedding, especially wool and cashmere sweaters. You can also do this with your jeans to cut back on odors.

Erase armpit stains


If you have embarrassing armpit stains, there is no need to toss the clothing. You can easily get rid of these stains with an equal mixture of water and lemon juice. Then, just scrub the stain with the mixture and wash as usual.

Destroy Oil Stains

Cut through oily stains on clothes by sprinkling a bit of baby powder on the stain and leaving it over night. Launder as usual the next day. Voila! Stain gone!

De-Pill clothing

If you have clothing that gets those little, annoying pills on them, take a razor and run it over the piece of clothing. Then, use some tape to get any leftovers.

Remove lipstick stains


An easy way to remove lipstick stains from clothing is with hairspray. Spray some hairspray onto the stain, allow to set for 10 minutes and wash as usual.

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Remove dirt from suede

If you have suede shoes, you know they can get dirty at times. You also know they can be tough to clean. Want an easy way to get the dirt off suede? Just take a nail file and buff out the dirt stains.

Stop Runs in Tights

This hack has been around forever, but it’s a classic for a good reason. If you want to stop runs in your tights before they happen, spray the weak area with a bit of hairspray. Too late? Use nail polish to stop that runner dead in its tracks. Obviously, clear nail polish is the best bet for most tights, but if you have black tights, you could try black polish! Just make sure the shade blends properly, otherwise that run sticks out.

See how easy it is to use organizing hacks to save your damaged clothes? No need to toss that favorite sweater or relegate that comfy shirt to the pajama drawer! Looking for more great organizing hacks? Check out our hacks for saving on Swiffer refills, using your microwave in clever new ways and staying healthy when your family is sick!

Do you have any favorite organizing hacks for clothing? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea about these tricks for old clothing. I have a ton of cousins that play outside and have stains on their clothes. I know their parents will appreciate me sharing this with them.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Some great tips here, some I already knew others are new to me. Thanks for sharing these hacks :-)

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