How to Detox Your House Using Salt Crystal Lamps

Salt crystal lamps offer a multitude of beneficial qualities. Learn how to purify your air and detox your house using salt crystal lamps

Having been described as an ancient healing remedy for virtually any malady for centuries, salt crystal lamps offer a multitude of beneficial qualities. Ranging from light therapy to negative ion advantages, salt crystal lamps have possessed exquisite mystically healing properties since the dawn of time.

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How to Detox Your House Using Salt Crystal Lamps

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What are salt crystal lamps?

A salt crystal lamp is in essence a salt lamp with a light bulb. Generally, a 15 watt bulb is utilized in these devices. These bulbs are housed within a heavy chunk of naturally mined salt from the Himalayas. These salt crystal lamps are said to neutralize pollutants and toxins.

How do they work?

Salt crystal lamps operate via the gentle heat of their bulbs. This allows the salt to warm up and release crystals into the air. It is suggested that these salt crystals which travel through the air attach to impure particles weighing them down and preventing further circulation. This keeps the air quality in your home pure so that you do not breathe such toxicities.

How can a salt crystal lamp help me?


You will notice almost immediately that the warm light these salt crystal lamps exude is comforting. Aside from heating up the salt crystals and allowing their release into the air, the loveliness of the light itself is considered a form of therapy as well. Aside from looking fantastic and emanating stunning natural looking light in your home, there are numerous other advantages. Some benefits of a salt crystal lamp include air purification, humidity reduction, color spectrum light therapy, dust mite removal and assistance with certain respiratory issues, migraines, depression, fatigue and seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

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Where can I find a salt crystal lamp?

Once upon a time, you had to travel to exotic health food stores or new age shops to find salt crystal lamps, or look on esoteric online sites. Now, you can find them right on Amazon in seconds. You’ll also find them in mass-market retailers, outdoor festivals and fairs, and pretty much anywhere that people set up to sell goods. They’ve become so trendy that they’re pretty much everywhere! This works in your benefit, though, because it’s driven the cost down.


Of course, one salt lamp is not the same as another. Someone can always sell you a pretty yellow rock and say it’s a salt crystal lamp! Be smart. Do your research before you go and know what to look for! If you’re shopping on Amazon, check the stars and reviews. If you’re out shopping at a flea market or fair, look at the overall design and ask yourself “does this look real, does it look cheap, does it look like it will last longer than the car ride home?” You can find amazing deals at fairs and what not. You can also find amazing duds. So just use your noggin and you’ll be fine!

Have you ever detoxed your house with a salt crystal lamp? Do you feel like it really works? Do you have any recommendations for choosing the best one? Share in the comments!

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