Gardening Made Easy with Parrot’s Flower Power

Looking for a way to make gardening easier for everyone from novices to experts? Parrot's Flower Power is an amazing tool to help you keep plants alive!

Tech and plants is not a new thing in the commercial plant growing space but it sure is when talking about taking care of plants on your balcony! Plant tech had quite a few new gadgets pop up over the last year and one of the coolest is Parrot’s Flower Power.

Parrot’s Flower Power: Makes Gardening Easier for Everyone

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Parrot’s Flower Power makes gardening easier for everyone from novices to experts. It assesses your plants needs and sends that information to your smartphone. The device can be used on plants in the ground or in a pot. It measures the four key things that a plant needs to survive: Sunlight, Temperature, Fertilizer, and Moisture.

There are over 7,000 plants in the Flower Power database to help you take care of your plant. One of the best features of Parrot’s Flower Power  is the chart plotting and log that comes with the app. It shows you just what happens when you move your plant or even how basic watering affects its growth.

No more second guessing if your plants need water or more light – Parrot’s Flower Power will send you an alert to your smart phone and tablet and let you know. Now you too can have a green thumb!

As someone who has killed way more than her fair share of plants, I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable a tool this would be for me! Parrot’s Flower Power is available on Amazon for $49.91.  Obviously, this isn’t something you’d want to put in every single plant in your house, or you’d end up spending a small fortune. However, since it can be used outside as well, you could put it in one flower bed and monitor several plants at once. If you do buy several of them, you can monitor all your Flower Powers from one app. Very handy!

Have you tried Parrot’s Flower Power? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments!

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