Crazy-Simple DIY Toy Storage Ideas for De-Cluttering the Playroom

Wrangle all those dinosaurs, blocks and bears with these creative & inexpensive DIY kids toys storage ideas!
Clearing out the clutter in your home can be a daunting task. However when it comes to your child’s room, it can be downright horrific. Luckily there are some extraordinary toy storage ideas for your kid’s room that will offer you and your little one with more space to play and more time for shenanigans. Whether you’re tired of stepping on Legos or slipping on Matchbox cars or the room is brimming with stuffed animals and crying baby dolls, there are some quick and easy DIY kids toy storage ideas that could save your life or at the very least your peace of mind.

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Kids Toys Storage Ideas

Hanging Bedside Organizer

With just a small fabric organizer, you can rig an innovative new storage device. Just slip it between your child’s mattress and their actual bed frame. These cute and convenient little organizers can be adjusted for necessary pocket quantity and sizes allowing you and that kiddo of yours to hold as much of whatever they like. Ranging from books and teddies to gaming devices and building blocks, it’s easy to make and simple to use.

Video Game Storage

Whether your kiddo is a PS4 fanatic, a Wii lover or otherwise, there are now loads of ways to safely and conveniently store their gaming gear while still looking good all the time. By building a very basic storage unit, you can keep gaming gear such as remotes, disks etc all hidden away and out of sight. Inside of the simplistic storage cabinet door, you can create individual holders for secure game storage. The project only takes a couple of hours and is well worth the effort.

Clear Toy Storage Bags

Simple to make and easy to use, these bags utilize a drawstring for closure and are completely see-through allowing your children to quickly find what they need while still keeping it from the floor. Just take some fabric along with some thick clear vinyl and a drawstring cord with fusible interfacing. This project does require basic sewing but nothing too advanced. Your final product will be chic and functional and well worth your time.

How do you store your kids’ toys? Did you make one of these DIY Storage ideas? Did it help with the clutter?

9 thoughts on “Crazy-Simple DIY Toy Storage Ideas for De-Cluttering the Playroom”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    some good ideas here. When I only had a couple of kids and their Lego got to be too much and everywhere I sorted it into plastic bins – by colour! I soon gave that idea after my kids didn’t seem to want to understand my concept of being tidy!

  2. Organizing just feels good doesn’t it? Especially true when it’s kid’s toys which can easily get out of control.

  3. I could use that idea about storing CD’s and videos–I have so many and they currently are taking up room in my linen closet–and on my desk and on various other pieces of furniture!

  4. I like the containers but in the long run we found that limiting the amount of stuff the kids had was the most important step in cutting down the clutter.

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