Create a Cozy Cottage Look with Painted Furniture



With spring in full swing and summer rapidly approaching, you may be getting that redecorating bug! Out with the old, drab, heavy curtains and blankets, and in with the refreshing colors of the warmer months! Of course, if your budget is a little tight, it’s not really practical to run out and buy all new furnishings. Fortunately, you can give your home a whole new look by making over what you already have. Painted furniture is a great way to create a cozy Maine cottage look without busting your budget.

Tips to create a cottage look with painted furniture

  • Take stock of the furniture you have in your home and decide which pieces could use a makeover. Dressers, end tables, and book shelves are all fairly easy to work with. Decide how much time  and money you have to invest in the project. Obviously, the bigger the piece, the more it’s going to cost in both time and paint.
  • Choose your color scheme. Blues and greens are great for painted furniture if you’re going with a seaside cottage look. Prefer something a little more rustic, like a hunting cottage look? Opt for deep reds and rich browns.
  • Take everything outdoors! Get your supplies together and move to the great outdoors to prep and paint. If that isn’t possible, at least pick a well-ventilated area! You don’t want to breathe in the fumes or the dust from sanding.
  • Sand down your furniture. You’ll want to start with a nice, smooth surface that is ready to take the paint. Use a power sander for a huge item, or good old-fashioned elbow grease and a sanding pad for smaller areas.
  • Start painting! If you feel you need a primer, do that first. If you’re going for a more rustic look, though, you may be able to skip that step. Once you prime, let it dry, then start painting with the final color. Let it dry in between coats to determine if the color is rich enough for your tastes.

Once you’ve got your gorgeous, newly painted furniture, it’s time to choose a few accessories to go with it. Pillows, curtains, and lightweight throw blankets are all great choices to create a cottage look without spending a fortune. If you opt for the seaside theme, choose elements that compliment it. For example, seashells spread out in strategic locations and blue sea glass in jars make great cottage-style compliments and don’t cost much. If you happen to live near the beach, driftwood is also a fun accessory.  Just remember, it’s your home, so design it in a way that makes you comfortable. Consult style guides for tips, but ultimately, your home should reflect your family’s tastes, not a designer’s idea of perfection.

Photo Credit: Maine Cottage

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