THE MOST Comfortable Office Chairs For Long Workdays Under $150

You need a comfortable office chair for a long day at work. Check out our tips for how to pick the best office chair that is also budget friendly.

If you spend more than a few hours in an office chair every day, you will find it is taking a toll on your back. Seriously, remember when you were just starting in the workplace and you were thrilled to have your first desk? That chair you excitedly typed away in might just send you home looking for a heating pad and some pain killers now.

Luckily now that you are “adulting” every day there are perks. You need  an office chair that properly supports you back and is comfortable so you can do your job. Long hours in a chair can cause the discs on your back to compress more than usual, and over time will strain the disks. There have been several studies that found that having a proper office chair reduces back pain and can increase your productivity. This chair is a necessity!

What To Look For In A Comfortable Office Chair

Affiliate links included below. All prices were under $150 at time of writing.

When you are looking for a chair, look for one that has adjustments including height and tilt. Also, look for a chair with a five-point base and casters for a more supportive chair. The backrest should either be tall with a slight curve or if shorter it should be supportive in the small of your back. I also look for a chair that has more cushion both in the seat to ensure by the end of the day I’m still comfortable. You can also add a pillow to your office chair for comfort, and it a must if you are pregnant.

*Affiliate links are included below, all opinions are my own.

Top Office Chairs For Long Days


Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair– This chair over at Amazon for just under $150 has everything you need to get you through a long day. The plush leather seat is supportive yet cushy enough for comfort. This chair fully adjusts including the chair height, lumbar support, and even the armrests adjust meaning you can get the perfect contour fit.  The fabric on this chair is a mix of leather and synthetics and is super cushy. This chair will go the extra mile for those long work days, but is still friendly to your wallet.


Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair This is another great chair with lots of extra cushion. The Boss Leatherplus has extra padding to give you plenty of lumbar support throughout your day while the seat and back have a more plush and cushiony feel. The chair adjusts up and down with a pneumatic lift and also tilts. You will find the five point base on this chair to feel extremely sturdy.  You’ll also find that you can pick this chair up in brown also if brown matches your office better. This chair is a solid buy.

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Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair– This chair is a great budget option, clocking in at under $100. The cushy pad both on the back and the seat will keep you relaxed and supported through your long day. This is a very large chair with ample space and a high back that will give you plenty of room to spread out. It sits on a solid base and will swivel and tilt pretty much any direction you need it to go. If you are looking for some color choice also, you will find this chair available in black, brown and white.

So there you have it lovely readers, my top budget-friendly picks for a new comfy office chair. Now you just need to have one sent to your office stat!

What do you look for in an office chair? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. If my office chair was like any of these, then I wouldn’t mind hanging out in the office all day, well, maybe not all day but you know what I mean. I love these! I would choose any!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    My husband is always complaining about his back when he’s at work and I bet it’s his chair. He needs one of these.

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